There are so many holidays around the corner, one of the greener one is St Patty’s Day!! Here at my college, there are so many festivity and spirit going on – it is definitely the time of the year to grab a few beers with your friends. Of course, on a special day like such, it is very important that you go for a vibrant bold and green look. But it is important to keep in mind that green is an interesting color, it has to be used subtlety to not over-do the look.


This is one of the more vibrant look created by one of my favorite makeup artist Marelena, the CEO of Makeup Geek. You can find her tutorial here: this exotic look has the perfect touch with the cute little follower jewel on the corner of the eye. Her overall makeup look is so vibrant, but it is the eyes that draws the attention to this look, giving it an overall true Irish spirit! She used a blend of pure white, chartreuse, landscape green and carbon pigment – such a gorgeous blend!

Keeping it classy on St. Patrick’s Day with Kate Middleton’s inspired natural beauty look. This was seen last in 2014’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Since she was already head to toe green, she stayed away from the green eyeshadow – good thinking, Kate! The Duchess kept her bright eyes with a bit of a natural glow instead. This is how she did it: using a black eyeliner, outline the upper and lower lashes. Then apply a couple coats of mascara to get wide-eyed look Kate got going on. Then dust some blusher along the contour of your cheeks for a rosy flow. Finally, apply some pink lip gloss for a pretty pout. It is a fresh faced beauty look, that can be used for not just St. Patty’s but all Spring long. One more thing, if you really insist of adding a bit of green eyeshadow or a bit of color of some sort, try a turquoise light blue instead of green. The thing with wearing all green AND  green eyeshadow is a bit of a bolder look for all to pull off.



This one is super gorgeous! It’s the green halo eyeshadow, it gives off a bit of a glam and sparkle! The halo effect trend is all around these days. According to, Chelle on Makeup your Mind, it boils down the dark shadow applied to the inner and outer corners of the yes and lower lash line, with a brighter color in the middle. It really help brings out the eye color too!

Here is the eyes tutorial:

First apply Maybelline‘s Color Tattoo in Mossy Green to the outer and inner corners of my lid. Then layer MAC‘s Greensmoke on top of the Color Tattoo and blended through the crease to connect the sides. Be sure to leave a blank spot in the middle of your lid.

On the middle of the lid apply MAC‘s Bio Green and blend it out intoGreensmoke.

Apply the same shades to the lower lash line, and run Urban Decay‘s Black Velvet liner along my lower lash line. Then, apply mascara.

Check out the full tutorial by Chelle on Makeup your Mind


Another way to add a bit of green to the eyes, is by using a matte green eyeshadow. One of my favorite matte product is by Make Up Forever. Again, with the green, because it is such a brilliant and bright color, mix the green with a light color, such as yellow. This look will help elevate the bold lashes and black liner.


I hope you picked up a few tips and tricks! Remember not to over-do it! But at the same time, go a bit bolder than you would usually take on! Happy St Patrick’s Day!