It is very important to have the perfect combination of lipstick and blush. Coordinating makeup colors will make you look more radiant and can really enhance your natural beauty! When you use them together correctly, these products create a flushed, healthy, beautiful and brighter look. The easiest way to find a combination that works, is to stick with colors from the same base family, without being too matchy. It is important that you use the same undertone color. Let’s explore a few combinations that works very well together!

Combination one

Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow; Model Angelika/The Rock Agency


This look is very soft and feminine. The cheeks are defined with a feather light color, and the lip shade is a delicate pink. Both have a bit of a blue undertone, so they don't overpower each other.

If you are using a neutral or nude tone lipstick, a coral or peach blush really works great with it. Applying a few extra coats to create a heavier color can really kick your look up a knotch.

If you are using a bright red lipstick, bronzer or a browner blush shade, like MAC margin blush works best. If you do, apply a deep red blush, but keep it soft, because most of the color should be directed to the lips.

Leighton Meester is one of my favourite actors, but her makeup in this picture - not so much. Notice how her lips are red, buy her eye shadow is purple, those two are not complementing colors. Also, more than two colors on the face is also something to not do.


Here are some pre-set color combinations that works greats together courtesy of MehakShahani

Purple Eyeshadow, Peachy Blush, Peachy nude lips or with a soft pink blush/lipstick combination

Dark green eyeshadow, Earthy Blush, Earthy nude lips

Black liner, Red lips, Pinkish red blush

Gold eyeshadow and pretty much anything

Vibrant Blue eyeshadow and nude lips or soft peach lips (something in the orange color family)

Black eyeshadow and peach/ nude lips

No eyeshadow, hot pink lips.


Overall, it is so important to emphasize that pairing lips and cheeks color is all about staying within the same end of the color spectrum. If the lip color is a cool color, stick with a cool blush, and if you are trying out a warm peachy lipstick, a blush with a warm undertone would work great. Sometimes, if you are going for a heavy bold red lipstick, it's not necessary to add blush, a bit of bronzer is more than enough to brighten and define your cheeks.