So, honestly, what sane girl doesn’t love glitter?! The sparkle, the jazz, the bling…whatever your lingo, glitter is timeless. This holiday season, the dust of diamonds is always an appropriate choice for all occasions. Glitter brows, glitter eye shadow, even glitter lips. Now personally, I would never wear all of them together, but if you’re brave, by all means blind the world with your savage sparkle. Lol.  It is however, always in good taste to use your bling in moderation. Glitter is beautiful as a subtle accent, or the focal point of your look. Here are 10 easy, fun and gorgeous looks to try:

The first 3 looks are so gorgeous, and classic. (1) Smokey glitter: I love the iridescent glitter paired with the intensity of the outer corner. It really gives the look a very dramatic edge. (2) Soft and sparkly: Sweep a soft touch of glitter over a neutral shadow and line with a heavy back liner. (3) Golden shimmer: I love how this touch of gold glitter really pops against the white lid.


How to do it: Glitter eye shadow can be achieved a few ways. Most artists use a glitter glue. I like the one sold at They also sell the cutest glitter colors. Another way is to simply use a cream base and use a glitter or shimmer to set the primer, similar to the third picture.


  1. Black glitter lid: Glitz up your smokey lid with a pop of black glitter. This looks amazing when the light hits it.

  1. Warm Glitter: This earthy warm look is beautiful on warmer or darker skin tones. Achieve this look by creating a warm shadow in the crease a copper color on the lid. Add a bronze or brown glitter to the lid.

  2. Colored glitter: This purple glitter is life!!! However any color works. I just adore the idea!!!


  1. Dark green glitter: Green and gold are so regal together. I fell off my chair when I saw this amazing look with a smokey crease and a dark green glitter!!!


8.Glitter lips are an amazing way to spice up your look.This can be achieved by simply using a glittery lipstick, or loose glitter over a cream lipstick.  Any combination of lipstick and glitter is acceptable.


  1. Glitter Brows: Ok, so I gotta make a confession. In 2011, I saw Queen of Blending on YouTube doing glitter brows for the first time. I thought, this chick is insane. Lol, but when she finished…omg, I was breathless. Glitter brows are beautiful and an awesome way to add some bling to your look without being excessive.


  1. Glitter brow/lip combo: This red glitter is so pretty and seasonal. I love the contrast of the icy shadows and the dramatic lip and brows.

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