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10 New Year’s Resolutions You should make for Skin Care


Model: Jorenda Hardaway Make up: Angie Brand Photo: Tyler Plaxco


WOW!!! Can you ladies believe 2016 is little more than a week away?! It’s been an amazing year in make up, fashion, history, so much. With a new year approaching, everyone’s ready for the fresh start. The high resolves, and goals. Everyone’s going to be in shape, and leave behind all of their baggage and unhealthy habits becoming the person they’ve always dreamed of being. Well, what better way to improve than to make a resolution to take better care of our skin. Let’s face it (literally) lol, the skin can be our toughest critic. It can tell us if we’re too stressed, or not eating properly, even if we’re dehydrated. So why not pamper the skin so that the criticism it offers is constructive, and not too telling. Here are 10 skin care goals that I hope you all will try and enjoy for the New Year.


  1. Exfoliate Regularly: Exfoliating the skin regularly is so good. There are countless benefits of having a routine of exfoliating. These include: Removing dead skin cells, lifting residual make up or free radicals from the skin, reducing acne, polishing the skin, softening the surface, minimizing black heads….sooo many more. There are so many tools and products available for exfoliating. Sugar, micro-dermabrasion, brushes, and one of my personal favorites, baking soda. I love baking soda for the skin because it is a non abrasive exfoliant that not only smooths the skin but brightens it as well.


  1. Moisturize: Moisture to the skin is what water is to plants. Keeping the skin moist and supple will help it to hold it’s elasticity and help it to remain plump. Ladies, please remember: YOU MUST MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN EVEN IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN!!!!! This can be tricky. If you have a tendency to be dryer, it seems almost a no brainer to moisturize the skin. However, for those of us who tend to be oilier or acne prone we tend to shy away from moisturizers. This is theee worst thing you could do. If you wash your face and it dries out, you skin will overproduce sebum (oil) to compensate for the lack of moisture. But, if you moisturize (preferably with a gel or hyolauric acid based moisturizer) you can eliminate this problem as well as minimize the look of oiliness. For those with dryer skin, invest in moisturizers that help the skin hold moisture. Cream based, or olive and coconut oils are wonderful moisturizers for the skin. AVOID MINERAL OIL AS THIS CAN HAVE A DRYING EFFECT ON THE SKIN.


  1. Hydrate: The best way to have beautiful, clear, glowing skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day will keep you hydrated,  and your skin clear and supple.


  1. Get a facial: Ok, confession time!! Lol Every year, I promise myself that I am going to have at least one professional facial done this year….aaaaaand WOMP WOMP WOMP!!!!! LOL NEVER happens!!! This year I am determined to have a professional facial done. Facials are excellent ways to learn about your skin, what condition it’s in through a professional evaluation. Blackhead removal, moisture and facial massage which is stimulating and sooo healthy for the skin. If however, you’re more budget friendly, try a facial mask at home. My favorite is a homemade mask that I created, I call it the Breakfast Mask. It’s like superfood for the face. It exfoliates (oatmeal), purifies (sea salt), hydrates, tones, kills inflammation, moisturizes (honey), feeds the face with  skin supporting protein (egg), and kills acne causing germs living beneath the surface of the skin with probiotics (yogurt).  Literally does everything!!!! It’s so healthy for the skin. Mix it together and apply to the skin, let it sit until the mask is solid and wash with warm water…you will love your skin and your skin will love you!!!!



  1. NO SUGARY DRINKS or CANDY: Ladies, do your skin a favor and steer clear of dark colored soft drinks, pop, high fructose corn syrup, since these things tend to wreak havoc on the skin. Instead opt for clear juices, Naked juice, fruit smoothies and water.


  1. Night time ritual: For 2016 start a nighttime ritual. Use an overnight purifying or moisturizing mask. Invest in a night cream for the eyes to keep them free from wrinkles, bags or pouches. I like Oil of Olay under eye cream.


  1. Nightly make up removal: Absolutely NO sleeping in your make up. Not only is it messy, but the skin naturally detoxifies itself at night by secreting sweat and oil. If the pores or the “exits” are blocked by layers of make up, the sweat and oil will collect in the pores, causing them to swell, become infected and……you guessed it, PIMPLES!!! Keep the skin as acne free as possible by removing your make up before bed


  1. Foundation Free Days: Yeah, I said it lol, no foundation. But here’s the catch, if you follow the preceding suggestions to healthy glowing skin, you’ll find yourself less inclined towards the cake face. It’s a domino effect. Letting the skin breathe is so vital to keeping it healthy. Honestly ladies, here I am (pictured below) …no foundation at all. I am simply wearing a liquid illuminator by Manna Kadar for a gorgeous glow!!! You can do it girls!!! Lol


  1. Keep the skin toned: One of my favorite toners for the skin is Witch Hazel. It cuts oil, kills germs and infections, and minimizes the look of your pores. Another great toner for the body is a caffeine cream. It tightens the skin, and shrinks cellulite.


  1.  NO Touchy: Ladies….for 2016 lets keep our hands and everything they touch away from our skin as much as possible. Resting your face in your palm, or rubbing your eyes, these things bring the skin in contact with germs as well as wears on the skin. If you must touch, do so gently and ONLY with clean hands.


I hope these resolutions suit you all!!! Please, try the suggestions and share your feedback with us by commenting.  If you enjoyed the blog, subscribe to it, repost it, tweet about it, Like it, and share it. I’m Angie Brand, they call me Queen of the Glammed. Follow me on Insta at And, ladies...if you’re searching for awesome lashes, check out for 100% Mink lashes. Use my code: QUEENOFTHEGLAMMED for 20% off of your entire purchase!! Thank you all so much for reading. Love ya!!!!!!!

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