Learn to transfer your day time look into a fabulous and glam night time look. All it takes is a few simple tools and tricks to get your night rocking. In this article, I will cover easy eyes, lips, face and hair transformations. We also have some bonus tips for spicing up a day time outfit with a few key accessories, transforming it into a glowing night time look.



To begin, the eyes are the key to a “fancy & glam” look versus a “everyday neutral look”. It really depends on how one wears their eye makeup. Some looks call for a bolder casual look, while others just dash on a few nude shade eye shadows for the day. One thing to add on regardless of the look is eyeliner. Emphasizing the top and bottom water line is really important when creating a strong night time look.  Try a bolder winged line for the top line; this will give you more of a sexy and seductive eye. Another time to add to a night time look is eyeshadow. Depending on the event you are attending and the color scheme, blending in a few colors really creates a fancier look.

For the lips, it is all about the red, red and red. Pink works well too, if that is a colour tone you like better. For the day time look, stick with more of a nude shade, sometimes a lip gloss is better than a lipstick. However, for the night time, add more plump to your lips with lip liner and a bold colour lipstick. Tip* for the everyday look, a while ago a small suction cup was the “new thing” that everyone had to make their lips bigger – as people called it the “Kylie Jenner’s lip”. Believe or not, if you purchase one of those suction cups, and use it properly, you could actually create a very luscious set of lips without any lipgloss or lipstick. A coat of chapstick is recommended to create a bit of a shine.
For the face, most would have a soft and well blended face for the day time; this includes concealing and covering any blemishes. Some might even add a bit of finishing powder or a highlight cheek tint. For the evening time, try contouring. Contouring is a key for a slimmer face and a more glowing look. It emphasizes on the cheek bones. Try contouring with a dark shade bronzer to create a more drastic and dramatic, yet flattering look. To do so, suck your cheeks in and follow the line of your cheek bone. Finish the contouring with a light blush or cheek tint to give the face more of a flush and color.



For the night time, outline your lips for a full and neat look. Then fill in, within the line, the colour of your choice. The more red your lipstick, the sexier it is. Some may like a deep red to purple color, some dig the Barbie pink, the color is totally up to you.

Although a small thing, I find that adding a bit of sparkle powder on the body is a very nice touch to the overall look. It is an easy way to bring some glow to yourself overall. If you have time, by all means, adding a dash of bronzer on the neck will also give you that dramatic glow too.

For the hair, try accessorizing. Regardless if it is a piece of jewelry or hair piece, adding a dazzling piece will automatically make the outfit shine. Try a bedazzled headband or a bow clip. Leaving the hair down is also a more fun look rather than having your hair in a bun. For a classier night out, a nice sleek tight bun will also look cute. For a night out or party, leave your hair in nice big waves, spray a coat of hairspray for a nice lasting look. *A tad of perfume or body spray on your hair and body never hurts, try using a more deep floral or light vanilla scent to get the night mood going. Keep the citrus and soft scents for an everyday use.

Bonus tip is to accessories your clothing. As mentioned before, try adding a statement necklace or a statement bracelet, even earrings or rings. The bolder your jewelry is the fancier your outfit is. Think about it, one can dress in all black; black leggings, black tshirt, but have the most beautiful bold necklace, along with matching earrings and a cuff. Instantly her look is “all dolled up for a night out”. Your outfit doesn’t have to be complex, but a few “bam” pieces will definitely get the look out.