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The Hair and Makeup Trends that Defined 2015

Well another twelve months have passed and it's been a year. The year of 2015 was definitely a memorable one, and there were some serious statement beauty and hair trends.

Today I will be going through the top trends from the month of January 2015 to today, December 2015. I will be highlighting a few unforgettable trends that will definitely stay with us for a bit… or a few more months… or maybe some are ancient history already. Regardless, give it a few years and you will watch these trends all come running back.

Hair and makeup is such a large part of the runway, our lives, celebrity inspired, and there is of course so so much to cover. I will be bringing up the few I find more appeal and attractive to me. Feel free to comment or incorporate on any points you fill was a hit this year!



January: Starting the year off with a fresh new hair cut is always a good idea. The whole “new year, new me” is getting old, but a new hair cut never hurts. Back in January of 2015, it was about two things: long waves and ombre. It was all over Pintrest and Tumblr. Everyone wanted this hair style, and it looked so perfect on all the pictures we saw (but it was a bit of a different story in real life). (Image)

February: The month of love; I remember reading in Harper Bazaar about pastel eyeshadow as the “valentine day” look. I dig it! I still go for this look every so often. It’s cute and subtle. I find this simple look very neat with a pleasant buzz. I sometimes like bold colours but often times I find it too messy and the neutral pastel colours gives a silkier and crease resistance look. I really like blending in lavender and soft blue colours. Try blending the colour at the inner corner to open up the eyes, some people tends to use a lighter shade (I find white too dramatic though). (Image)








March: One of the favourite hair trends of the spring was the side braid/fishtail! I LOVE that! I was
 absolutely adorable and cute. Although, it took a certain type of hair to do and skills I really hope it’s a trend that will come around the corner again for this upcoming year! (Image)

April: For someone like me who was in school, April was the month of exams. So it was all about messy buns, but in April Miranda Kerry pulled off this cute high top knot bun which definitely showed off her damn good looking bone structure. Although, this knot bun have been on and off around, I always find it cute and flirty. It's one of those "I am not really trying" everyday look, but let’s be real, we probspend 30 min trying to perfect that messy bun. I read an article by Bazaar saying "Once you’ve set your style, use the pointed end of a rattail comb to tug out a few strands. If they look stringy, rub them between your thumb and forefinger to give them a bit of fuzzy texture." I find this a great trick to create the perfect look!

May: I am not sure when this even started, but I can’t leave this article post with mentioning: CONTOURING! This was a huge one for 2015, I know I stocked up on bronzer and highlighters that will last me at least ten years. Remember seeing these post pop up everywhere!? And then, I would go and try it out, and like I never understood why I could never end up looking like the last picture- like what went wrong? (Image)



June: Crimping is cool again. Remember how I said trends come back. I never liked it, so I didn't really dig this one. But Stella McCartney bought it back with a few crimping details in a smooth low ponytail.

July/August: With all the music concerts going on around the Summer I found a lot of people wore their hair with a center part and a bohemian look. Strands of hair was in a fringe and tassel look, a carefree looking style with tousled textured. But overall, it was fuss-free like the make-up. And don’t forget the few diamond studs underneath your eyes.  (Image)

September: On the runway, I found that a bolder look was in trend for a bit. Even from back in the
summer, Cara Delevingne’s brows were heavy and strong at Saint Laurent’s walk. It was even darken heavier than ever with the graphic eyeliner wings on her lids. The makeup trend was really focused mainly on the eyes. Many of the model's lips, face and hair was kept neutral and simple. (Image

October: I took a stroll downtown back in October and like I could point out at least one of four people with the half bun hair do. I first saw it in the magazine back in September; this was definitely a celebrity inspired hairdo.  I remember seeing and thinking: this is a hairdo only celebrities can pull off – I mean, its messy but not in the kind of way that it’s cute messy. It kind of reminded me of the hippies stage to be honest. But, of course, celebrity inspired trends always ends up on everyone’s head… and like everyone else, I kind of started liking it. (I only tried this out strolling around home, never went out with this).  (Image)

November: The bold deep red lipstick! Definitely a must this Fall and Winter. This was inspired by Dolce and Gabbana, from the Spanish influences in Sicily, it was an utterly romantic theme along with lots of red floral and plump cherry red colors. I thought it was a nice warm winter color to get the season started!

December: Well it’s December now, and the trends are still being created. What do you think December highlight of hair and makeup will be? I don’t know about you, but from what I’ve been seeing, I think the smoky eye with a strong bold wing eyeliner is back this season! As for the hair, lots of celebs are keeping it long and flowy this holiday so far!




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