We all dread early work mornings. I personally would do anything to work from home than at the office. Why? Because I can sleep in for an extra hour before getting on the computer and start working. I also would have the option not to even get out of bed and work in bed. No make-up, no choosing outfit, I could look like a total mess but still get my work done!

Sadly, looking your best is part of your office duties and responsibilities. In other words, you need your makeup to cover your eye bags so it doesn’t look like you were up all night. Today’s blog post will give you some quick tips and tricks to get your eyes done in less than five minutes. So instead of taking 20 minutes on your eye makeup, you can snooze for another 15 minutes!


Image: http://www.beautyramp.com/makeup-tips-for-that-professional-look-for-the-office.html 


Today’s quick tutorial won’t be messy, difficult, or time-consuming, so no more excuses for no eye makeup!


So first, a cream shadow pencil will be your new bff. No one has time to blend powder eye-shadow in the morning. If you screw up the pigment while blending and mixing, you are back to square one. With a cream shadow pencil it gives a strong pigment. If you go with a darker neutral color, like dark grey or dark brown, you can use it as a primer shadow or liner. It is also super easy to use, just make it bold. Unlike a fine tip liner, where you have to be precise, you can just go all out with this. Just draw a wide stroke on the upper lash line. Then with a soft eye-shadow brush blend it just above the socket. Repeat if you want it bolder and more intense.

A good tip is to have qtips around for an easy clean up if you do end up making a mistake. This will also help freshen and lighten if needed.

A curler and mascara go a long way in the morning. A curler helps open your eyes and lifts the upper lashes. Make sure you have a curler that has a cushion pad, and spring, this way your lashes won’t crimp or bend.

If you are feeling a bit more special that day, give your eyes a bolder look with a tip liner. You can transfer your look to a cat eye with a wing. This creates an intense definition and soften the lids by hooding the eye.


A few products that go a long way and worth investing in are:

  • Colour correcting primer for under the eyes, this will help make discoloration disappear and brighten the eye area
  • Foundation for under the eye, which will help with more precise coverage
  • Using foundation with spf is great, and works well for the lips too because it will help make the lip colour stay longer
  • A light dash of bronzer or blush could give some colour and definition in the face