Stylish Rose Gold Lash Curler

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Get our Curl Lashes in a Stylish Rose Gold that finish and delivers dramatically beautiful curl. The silicone pad is thick and rounded that won't crease or stick to lashes and will give every lash an incredible lift and curl without the sense of pull or pinch.

  • Conforms with bending angle of the human body, clamp the eyelashes tight to shape curly three-dimensional eyelashes.
  • Made of high-quality materials, not easy to get rusted or damage, has a long service life
  • High-quality silicone pad makes it can be used for many times, and never hurt or clip off eyelashes.
  • Special design to handle with curved feeling, easy to hold, not easy to fall. 
  • Small and convenient, suitable for home use or carrying out, does not account for space even placed in the bag
  • To create curling, supple and three-dimensional eyelashes.