Perfect Skin Full Body Cleansing Brush

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Spin and get head to toe clean with the Perfect Skin Full Body Cleansing Brush. The Perfect Skin cleansing brush system is designed to be the ultimate solution for all your skin cleansing needs. It offers a combination of tools for face and body to create a comprehensive skincare routine from head to toe. It is water-resistant so it's safe for the shower, compact enough for travel, and so versatile that you can use it all over.

  • Cleanses and exfoliates to reveal radiant skin
  • Removes bacteria to promote visibly clearer skin
  • Reduces pore size so skin appears smoother and brighter
  • Micro-massage technology buffs off dirt, oil, and debris leaving skin smooth, soft, and ready to absorb masks, serums, and moisturizers
  • Water-resistant for use in the bath and shower


What is Included?


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