Tourmaline Magnetic Gel Facial Mask

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Give your skin the 411 it needs with our Tourmaline Magnetic Gel Facial Mask! Slimming, Lifting, and Brightening! Unwind with this mask added to your daily beauty routine. Eliminates dull spots and fades and reduces the appearance of fine lines, promotes blood circulation and eliminates swelling from daily stresses! 


  • Slimming, Lifting, Brightening! 
  • Totally Safe & Natural Acupressure Effects
  • High-quality super ingredients - charged magnets and tourmaline stone, nourishing gel
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Eliminates dull spots and fade lines
  • Alleviates eye fatigue
  • Eliminate swelling in cheeks and chin
  • Provides pouch relaxation 

How to use:  

  • Cooling treatment - Use after refrigerating for at least an hour, for skin tightening and edema elimination
  • Heat therapy - Immerse mask in warm water for gentle heating, to eliminate bacteria and skin whitening
  • Can be used with other facial products
  • Use for 30 minutes max at a time, for a minimum of 20 days 




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