Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

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Streamline your makeup application with our automatic brush cleaner, designed to clean your cosmetic tools efficiently. Featuring innovative auto-spin technology, it removes makeup residue and impurities quickly while promoting faster drying. Quiet in operation and compact in design, this cleaner is a practical and stylish accessory for any beauty enthusiast. Regular use helps to maintain brush hygiene, contributing to a clearer complexion and smoother makeup application.


  • Power Supply: USB Power Cord
  • Type: Makeup Brush Cleaner Bowl
  • Material: Plastic

Additional details:

Elevate Makeup Game

Upgrade your makeup tool care with our sophisticated brush cleaner. This device offers a thorough cleansing process, utilizing a high-tech automatic rotation mechanism to remove build-up, oil, and leftover cosmetic products, ensuring your brushes are maintained in spotless condition.

Streamlined Brush Maintenance

The cosmetic brush cleaner features an automatic spinning function that ensures efficient cleaning. This rotational movement not only washes the brushes but also promotes quicker drying. Attach your brush, introduce the cleansing mix, and activate the device for an automated cleaning cycle

Your Makeup Ally

Enhance your makeup routine with tools that prioritize both functionality and style. Our brush cleaner features low operating noise technology, allowing you to clean your brushes discreetly at any time of day or night. Compact and sleek, it's a valuable addition to your beauty regimen, ensuring your brushes are always in top condition.

Promotes Hygienic Practices

Cosmetic brushes are prone to accumulating bacteria, oil, and residues over time. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent harmful bacterial growth, particularly on face brushes, which helps minimize the risk of breakouts, infections, and skin irritation.