The Deep Cleansing Blackhead Mask

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Suffer from unwanted blackheads? The Deep Cleansing Blackhead Mask is the solution! Apply this mask about 2-3 times on a weekly basis and see the difference, your skin will love The Deep Cleansing Blackhead Mask! Reduces blackheads with use over time, gentle on sensitive skin, great for all skin types! Cover your face with this sticky mask to extract all the blackheads on your face avoiding sensitive areas (around the eye area). This strong sticky mask dries quickly and peels off in one seamless pull. You'll notice all the dirt being pulled from the your pores! Use this strong solution to treat your face to a deep cleanse and minimize pores.

How You use Black Facial Cleansing Mask:

  1. Clean your face by warm water.
  2. Apply a layer of the Mask to your face (avoid the eye area)
  3. Let the cleansing mask dry while you relax
  4. As soon as the mask has dried, you can start carefully ripping it off in flakes

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