5pcs Soft Microfiber Makeup Remover Towel Face Cleaner

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The puff is delicate, super soft, silky, and skin-friendly.

Made of microfiber, naturally removing your makeup, low stimulation.

Cool and user-friendly, suitable for women's makeup.

Natural material is extra gentle skin.

6 colors for options, the white one fits light makeup removal, the coffee one fits general makeup, and the black one fits heavy makeup.


Item Type: Makeup removing puff.

Material: Microfiber suede.

Diameter: app.10.5*10.5cm.

Thickness: 2 cm / 0.78"

Color: White, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange

Cleaning methods:

1. After removing makeup, squeeze a little facial cleanser into the puff.

2. After simmering, rinse with water, then hang up and dry.

Package Including:
5pcs puff