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600 Pcs Makeup Eyelid Paste

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$6.99 - $9.99
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Style: 1 Pc (S)


  • Quantity: 600 Pcs
  • It makes thin eyelids clearly visible
  • Good for those who want to enhance their eyes
  • Excellent air penetrability and makeup applicability

How to use:
1.) Clean your eyes before applying the tape. Make sure you do not have makeup, eye cream, or lotion on your eye lids prior to application.
2.) Use a non-sharp tweezers to remove the tape from the sheet.
3.) Gently apply the tape onto your upper eyelids
4.) For best results you may need to experiment to see the best areas the tape fits your eyelids

Packaging includes: 1/2 Lot Eyelid Paste