Being a bit of a beauty junkie can be a problem when it comes to travelling, whether it’s for a couple of days away or a week or two somewhere hot! I struggle enough deciding on what to use every day and it’s not like you can just pack up your entire dressing table and take it with you (unless you have a pretty big budget to cover the luggage costs)! There are a few things though that I think are absolute essentials to take with you on your travels and here they are!

Lip Balm
Lip balms, butters and scrubs are 100% essential wherever you go. They’re perfect for both hot and cold weather to keep your lips in top condition – chapped and dry lips will never be in fashion - or just to slick over your lips for a bit of a glossy look! No matter where I go, I always have a lip balm on me. Desk, dressing table, purse – you name it and I’ve got one!

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Another must-have no matter where you go! I have oily/combination skin myself but I always need to make sure I moisturize morning and night. I have a day cream and a night cream that I will use religiously as part of my routine and they’re definitely essentials throughout the year. They keep my skin moisturized during the winter and help with the oils in the summer – I wouldn’t be without them!


I don’t think I actually know anybody that doesn’t at least wear mascara every day? Of course I’ll occasionally nip to the shop bare-faced, but if I don’t fancy a full face of makeup but I want to look a little bit more ‘awake’, a dash of mascara usually does the trick! If I’m ever going away overnight, mascara is the first thing I pack. It’s a little pick-me-up that makes all the difference!

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I guess this one kind of depends more on what else you’re taking with you (you may be taking just the mascara, who knows!) but I wouldn’t be without them personally. Brushes are a key part of my makeup routine and they make all the difference! I dread to imagine going away without them, I’d be left to use my hands! I have the Spectrum Bombshell set and it has pretty much every brush you’ll ever need. Even if I were to go away for one night, I’d at least be taking my brow and highlighting brushes with me!

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‘Palette’ is definitely one of my favourite words right now. I use them every single day, sometimes more than one at the same time. The convenience of them is a major selling point for me because you can take them pretty much anywhere! Whether it’s a highlighter, eyeshadow, contouring or blush palette, you can take such a selection of colours and products on your travels making the task of whittling your makeup down to just priorities that little bit easier! One palette I’m definitely going to be taking on my travels is the Morphe x Kathleen Lights eyeshadow palette, there are so many different colours that I’ll be able to create a ton of different looks – and the light shimmer shade is perfect as a highlight too!

Sleep Aid
We all need our beauty sleep – me in particular – and sometimes sleep can be harder when you’re away from the comfort of your own bed! I’m not a fan of taking any kind of sleeping tablet, but I’ve found a few products that help me relax and drift off into a peaceful sleep lately. Any kind of sleep spray normally does the trick, I use the This Works spray or a Boots own brand one, but the Badger Sleep Balm is a god send when it comes to relaxing products. I’ve taken this away before and it definitely helped me drift off when I had a particularly uncomfortable hotel bed. Plus, with it being a balm it doesn’t count towards your liquid allowance if you were to catch a flight and you won’t have any spillages in your bag!

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