Today we have our top tips to when it comes to cloths shopping from if it's what jeans to wear to what shops are great for t-shirts.

REMEMBER: These tips are United Kingdom based, however can also be applied to any country. Keep in mind that not every shop has the same clothing sizes and can vary from shop to shop (as annoying as it is).


When it comes to T-Shirts, I’m a big fan of New Look for both basic tops and more special occasion tops. New Look have a wide selection and their cloths also are very well made. They are also a reasonable price unlike other shops.

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Topshop, it's probably no surprise to you as almost every blogger raves about Topshop jeans. Topshop have a wide range of different jeans, but for me the Joni’s are the ones that stand out the most to me as they are everything I want in a pair of jeans. They are skinny and fit my legs without having baggy ankles (most jeans do this to me), they don’t lose their shape easily when you wear them (a massive plus). They also have several colour choices. I can only sing the paraises other than they are £36 ($46.58 USD) , but to me that's way worth it because they are great quality and last for ages!


My favourite place to buy sweaters is from Bershka, although in Scotland they don't have a shop so I buy online. I only have only got two from there but they are so comfy! They are long sleeved but also cropped and a good medium thickness material. I have had both of mine for over a year and they still haven't bobbled (I wear them and wash them constantly) and neither have they faded! This is a massive plus when it comes to jumpers.


Shoes are one thing I splash out on as you wearing them a lot and you tend to walk around in them for hours on end, so you want them to be comfy. There is nothing worse than a very uncomfortable pair of shoes and when you walk your in so much pain you think your going to cry. Personally I love Schuh as they have a wide range of brands to choose from but also because I'm a teen living in Scotland I have a young Scots card I get 10% off on all my shoes bought in shue. That's a lot of money if you add up how much money you can spend of a pair of shoes. It's usually about £5 ($6.50 USD).


I don’t see the need in spending a fortune on pyjamas. Personally I love primark as they have a wide variety of pyjamas for a good price. It was my mum who got me into primark pyjamas and I'm so glad she did!


Primark is also amazing for underwear from pants (knickers) to bras. If you're like us we don't like spending loads of money on underwear as it is easily ruined. The good thing about primark is that they are all very good quality but also cute (if you like cute underwear). They are also all very reasonably priced starting at £1 ($1.30). 

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