10 ways to organize your shoes

Having shoes all over the place doesn't look cute at all and creates a chaotic appearance in your living space whether it be in a small or a large one.

Today’s post is all about organization and on 10 ways you can store those heels, flats, sandals or sneakers.

Lets begin with the first idea:

The infamous shoe rack, yes we have all heard of them and maybe or still own one. This is a great rack to to keep all your shoes organized either by color or by style.

And now shoe racks come in different sizes and styles to suit your needs or to bring decor to your space.

The second idea are the good o'l shoe boxes themselves. For this DIY no spending money is involved just stack the boxes up in your closet and save the shoes in their respective boxes. By doing this you are still organizing your shoes.

The third idea are containers that are shaped like a box so pretty much plastic shoe bins.

With this idea you can see what shoes are in which bin and can make for easy access.

The fourth idea is a plastic cover organizer for your the bed, this method is nice because you can clearly see all your shoes and they are tucked in compartments.

The fifth idea to organize your shoes is by using a pull out shoe rack for under your bed as well. They will be nicely hidden and organized and exposed when its time for you to choose which show you will wear.

The sixth idea are shoe cubbies. You can see all your shoes in one place and keep them organized too. Shoe cubbies can go in your closet or stand alone in any space of your bedroom or that is convenient for easy access.

The seventh idea is a lazy susan for your shoes. I know I would love to have one of these myself but unfortunately i dont have much room in my bedroom for one but if you do this will look stylish and chic and of course organized. I included a DIY pic for the lazy susan.

All these shoe storage and organization methods can be easily purchased and some easily made at home using the right materials. Now lets move on to idea number 8.

This one is called a shoe ladder. Its basically a small ladder used to organize your shoes in a creative way.

No, not this one designed by the Tel- Aviv artist Kobi Levi. lol 

Wow! But isn't this a creative and stunning design? Its an actual wearable shoe.

Ok, let's get back to the simple shoe ladder. lol

The ninth idea is the plastic shoe organizer you can hang over your door. 

I really don't care for this one, but again it's what suits your needs and space that matter.

And the tenth idea to organize your shoes are a shoe shelving system.

sounds complicated but it only a shelf or a stack of shelves that hide when you close the front flaps or doors. 

This idea is great too and it displays nicely and discreetly.

Wow! those were a lot of ideas in this post and trust me there are many more but today I shared 10 and thanks to the web, I was able to find pics to include with this post to bring shoe organization to life.

So, now you can get an idea on which idea you prefer in your shoe style organization method.


Marian Marrero





April 09, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

How To Apply False Lashes

Hey Lovelies!!! So today I will be sharing a tutorial with you about falsies. So many ladies would love to try them, but don’t know how to apply them. Well, it’s super easy and with just a few steps, and some practice you’ll be applying them like a pro MUA in no time. Let’s gather our materials

What you’ll need:

1 pair of strip lashes

Tweezers (optional)

Any brand of strip lash glue (I like Duo, dark)



Before you begin, if you are using lashes that you have worn before, be sure to remove any old or excess glue to ensure a smooth application and flawless finish. This can be done by gently peeling the old glue off, or dabbing a Q-tip soaked with makeup remover or alcohol along the band of the lashes. Ok, let’s get started!!!

Step 1: Remove lashes from packaging and ensure they are the correct size. Measure the strip along your lash line. If they are too wide be sure to clip the inner corner. It is important that they fit properly otherwise, they will be very uncomfortable and lift easily at either corner

Step 2: Gently squeeze the tube of glue so that a small bead forms on the tip of the nozzle. Glide the band of the lash along the bead of glue. Keep the motion even and consistent. This ensures even distribution of glue, and no clumps.

Step 3: Bend the lashes into a U-shape formation. Wait 15-30 seconds to allow the glue to become “tacky”. If you’re using dark glue, you can tell if it’s ready when it goes from a very light grey to a dark grey. Once completely dry the glue will turn black.

Step 4: Using tweezers or your fingers, whichever you prefer gently place the lashes along the lash line pressing the falsies into the lash line as well as the lashes.

Step 5: Once the lashes are in place secure them by pressing them into the lash line. You may support them for a few seconds with your finger to ensure that they stay in place until completely dry.

Step 6: Using a bit of mascara, blend your natural lashes in with the falsies for a seamless look.


So, there ya have it, step by step how to apply falsies. Hope it was helpful and thorough. Feel free to comment or leave questions if you have any. Now that you know how to apply them, feel free to stop by www.nubounsom.com/angiebrand to purchase Cruelty free 100% Mink lashes. And if you use my code: queenoftheglammed you get 20% off your entire purchase!!! Thanks lovelies. Be sure to subscribe for special deals and updates. Follow my Insta @queenoftheglammed_mua and be sure to LIKE My Make Up Brush set on FB. Thanks for reading, love ya!!!!

Blog by: A. Brand

April 09, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

10 Best Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Time to grow out all those bobs and lobs! Spring 2015 runway trends are showing some serious length. This season is all about Boho waves, trendy ponytails, braids and twists, big buns, mega blowouts and mixed materials! Keeping all those things in mind I have found some cute and easy to do hairstyles with tutorials for you to check out. I really love the mixed material fabric hair tutorial below! Hope you enjoy it as well. Just have fun and be creative!


  • Boho Waves

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Using a sea salt spray or dry shampoo will help create the perfect rough texture look for your waves!


  • Crisscross Ponytail

Tutorial here.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the ponytail because let’s be honest, its super easy but this is a great twist on something so basic. I’m in love with this style.

  • The Perfect Blowout

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: A good blowout can last you a few days with the use of dry shampoo. Less heat styling will keep your hair healthy.

  • Mixed Materials

Tutorial here.

I love that runway this year is adding different materials to hairstyles. This style is definitely a statement! I can’t wait to try this.

  • Low Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Make this finally look of your blowout before you wash your hair again! Dirty hair will hold texture and create a better style for this look.

  • Knot Braid

Tutorial here.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing fishtail braids, so this is a nice refreshing twist on a braid!

  • Top Knot Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Use a volumizing mouse when drying hair for this look!

  • Natural Waves

Tutorial here.

This look is so easy to achieve! I love it and you can do this with medium and shorter length hair as well.

  • Braided Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Use a smoothing balm with this look to create a sleek braid and bun.

  • Short Hair Style

Tutorial here.

I didn’t forget about the shorthaired ladies! I have a medium hair length and I have trouble braiding it at this point so this updo is perfect if you want a little something different! It’d be super cute with a headband too.


Have fun with these tutorials!


Stay Beautiful,






Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips.

Some of us have such delicate skin or we just don’t want to waste the money to purchase something and we’d rather use home made DIY concoctions. A lot of us have these ingredients lying around in our kitchen and don’t know it can be used as a something for dry, oily, acne etc.

Here are some recipes of some of the beauty secrets that have been around for a minute:

Cucumber is great for dark circles and when eaten its also great for making your skin tone even.

Green Tea decreases puffiness for example if you have puffiness under your eye you can you the tea bag you used to make your tea and put it underneath your eye for about 5-10 min. Also by drinking the tea it helps tighten your face pores.

Avocado reduces marks and wrinkles and eaten or made blended with a bit of water and applied like a face mask. It also Hydrates and Lightens skin tone.

Honey can be used to make a great face or lip scrub by just adding white granulated sugar.

I’m sure there are a lot more Natural Beauty Care Tips but these are the oldest ones in the book.

Bella Moore



8 Steps to Healthy Skin

Skin care is an essential part of our daily lives but it’s not always properly done. I’ve noticed people either do not take care of their skin well enough or over do it with too many treatments and products. In this blog, I will cover skin care for your face and body. There are so many factors in our daily lives that can affect our skin, from air pollution to stress but I will be covering the most important basics.


  • Define Your Skin Type

            Everyone’s skin is different especially on his or her face. Defining your skin type is important so you can correctly determine the products you will use on your face and body. Knowing is half the battle.


There are four basic skin types:

  • Normal skin is defined as skin that is well balanced with an even skin tone. Normal skin will have large pores on the forehead, nose and chin. It will also have very few problem areas.

  • Dry skin is defined as skin that is dry on the surface and generally feels tight after cleansing. Dry skin is also susceptible to being blotchy. It is also thinner than normal skin with slightly larger pores.

  • Oily Skin is defined as skin with larger pores on face and a generally oily surface. Unfortunately, oily skin is more prone to acne and other problems. On the Brightside, oily skin is less prone to wrinkles because of its flexibility.

  • Combination skin is defined as having both dry and oily skin. Combination skin can be tricky to take care of because you will need to spot treat different parts of the face.




If you are having trouble figuring out your skin type I highly recommend taking this online skin type quiz here. It’s very thorough and offers treatment options.


  • Create a Routine

            For your face you generally want to cleanse, tone and moisturize but it really does depend on your specific needs. You also, want to create a routine when it comes to the shower too! Exfoliation of your skin is very important. You can buy a skin exfoliation cleanser at major retailers or drug stores, but you do not want to exfoliate daily because it may dry out your skin. Specific skin treatments should also be kept on a schedule, whether it’s every 3 days or just once a week. It is very important to not over do it with treatments. Once your skin is on a regular schedule it can start to create a balance for itself.


  • Use Protection!

            Sun protection is HUGE in skin care and there’s a very good reason for that. The sun is just like anything else, it’s good for you in moderation but you do not want to overexpose yourself. Thankfully, there are a ton of products on the market today to help with everyday sun exposure. It is recommended that for daily sun exposure SPF 15 will work but for prolong exposure you should use SPF 30 or higher. To make it easier on yourself you can purchase makeup products and everyday lotions that contain SPF. Here is an awesome article on 9 really great products containing SPF’s!


  • Keep it Clean

            Clean all of your make-up brushes regularly! Also, know the expiration dates of all your beauty products. You DO NOT want to put anything dirty or old on your face. Make sure you clean your pillowcases and sheets regularly as well. Also, you should NEVER go to bed with any makeup on. Try to wash your face twice daily, 10 to 12 hours apart.


  • Diet

            Your diet has a HUGE impact on your skin. What we put in our bodies tends to reflect on our outside. It sounds cliché but maintaining a healthy diet will help skin stay clear of breakouts and give you a natural glow.

Here are a few basic tips.

  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily

  • Lower your sugar intake

  • Go easy on dairy products

  • Eat healthy fats like fish and nuts

  • Drink green tea

  • Cut back on acidic fruits


  • Take Biotin

            If you are able to take Biotin or a multivitamin containing Biotin, I highly recommend it. Biotin is a hair, skin and nails supplement that contains coenzyme and vitamin B. You can find Biotin at any drug store and depending on which brand you want and it can be pretty inexpensive! I suggest buying it in gel caps because the other vitamins can be really large and hard to swallow.


Here is a chart to help you determine the dosage you will need daily:




  • Catch Some ZzzZZzz’s!

            Being well rested can help you not only feel better but look better as well! You want to make sure you’re getting plenty of good sleep at night. If you are having trouble getting enough sleep then try adding more exercise to your daily routine! Do not fall asleep staring at your phone. Studies have shown that the light from your phone screen, tablet or computer can disrupt sleep.



  • Don’t Stress!

            This is a tough one. Most of us can get stressed out trying not to stress out! Unfortunately, stress can take a toll on our overall health and skin. Stress can cause acne, rosaceous to flair up and even eczema to appear. Taking out some time from your busy schedule to unwind or exercise can greatly improve your stress level.


Here are some activity ideas to help relieve some stress:





I hope this blog helps you to achieve your best skin!


Stay Beautiful,



How To Choose the Right Lipstick For You."

Hello my beauties! It's time for yet another beauty blog and I hope you enjoyed the last! As trends change and summer is on it's way, lipstick is becoming quite the staple. While this lipstick trend seemed to grow over the winter months, it's really starting to pick up, even with those who tend to prefer glosses. The #1 complaint that I seem to stumble across is that ladies often have trouble finding the shade and type of lipstick that is just right for them. If you are anything like me, then you find the statement to be true. It has taken me years to figure out the colors that best suit me. SO, today I bring you tips on how you can determine which lipstick shade and texture is right for you!


  1. Skin Tone

The number one factor in determining which shade is right for you has got to be your skin tone. Just like foundations, your undertones can really have an impact on how well a lipstick compliments you! Below is a guide that may help you in determining which shades are best for your skin tones!

Source: www.rhulsean.com


Eye color

          The second tip I have for you today is to choose a lipstick to compliment your eye color. Our last blog was all about makeup that compliments the eyes and makes them pop, lipstick is no exception. Eye hue can actually help determine what colors will pop against your complexion which ties back to your undertones. This is just another way to tell which colors look best on you! Some examples: green eyes tend to pop with cherry red lips, Blue eyes look best with coral hues, and brown eyes are balanced out by pinks.

Source: www.today.com

  1. Hair Color

          To go along with the theme of the other facial features helping to determine the best lipstick for you, hair color is another great feature to work off of. Most of the time our hair color and eye color compliment each other. Also, they compliment our skin tone. Tie all of these feature together to really narrow down the colors that will look the best on you. Take into consideration the colors that look best with ALL of your features. Examples: Pink lipsticks compliment white/ashy blondes, violet tones compliment auburns, and women with brown hair tend to have a much wider range for the hues that they can pull off!

  1. Try on lipstick with a blank face.

        Try on lipsticks with absolutely no makeup on your face. This is a simple tip that I have praciced for some time now and it 100% works for me to be focused on how well the lipstick compliments my skin! Sometimes, when we have a full face of makeup on, we can get distracted from how well the lipstick really looks on us.

  1. Lipstick texture.

Lipstick texture is just another thing to take into consideration when trying to find your holy grail. Usually, the texture is strictly a matter of preference and not something that really looks good on one person and not the next. I prefer matte's, some people prefer satins or glosses. You can find the texture difference in the photo below!

BONUS! 6. Shades change with seasons

          This is a bonus tip that can really help determine which color is best for you. During the winter months when our skin tends to get lighter, dark shades can really compliment us, whereas during the summer months our skin tends to tan bringing out tones that bright colors compliment.

Spring/Summer Shades

Fall/Winter Shades

Finding the right lipstick for us can be a long and grueling task, especially if we dont know what our skin tones are, Te best thing we can do is try and try again! When one doesnt work we just move on to the next until we finally find that perfect shade for us. Thank you for reading my beauties! I hope you had as much fun reading as I had learning! New blog coming soon! Pinky Promise! <3


Love & Kisses,


Amber Crosby






Amazing make up tips!

Here are a few of my AMAZING MAKE TIPS to give good face.

Take care of your skin from the inside out:

Yeah sounds lame and cliché’ but it is actually the truth. Drink plenty of water, get your veggies in and sleep. It will not only make the skin look younger but refreshed! Also to add to this, invest in facial wash, day and night moisture, mask, and exfoliatescrub. Drug store bought or special order will do! It is also good to give your face a break from the make up as well.


Always prime:

Primers are amazing! My personal favorite and for all skin types is Hourglass. It is an investment but it is well worth it. Some other amazing primers are Tart, MACs prep & prime, and the entire Smashbox line.

Clean brushes:

You might as well leave your make up if you don’t thoroughly clean your brushes. Shampoo is what I use and then once a week I will re-clean them and dip them in rubbing alcohol, and let them air dry.

Wash your face:

After work day or a night of glam, I don’t care how tired you are, WASH YOUR MAKE UP OFF!! The steps I use is face wipes, a coco butter soap (to clean up what the wipes miss) then my face wash, make up remover, toner, night moisturizer. Yes these are a lot of steps but better safe than sorry.



Foundation makes everything come to life! While price doesn’t matter, I will tell you the price the foundation the more that’s put into it. Most women don’t want to or have the means to invest in a mere $60 bottle a month in make-up and that’s fine. Drug stores have amazing options! Revlon line is amazing and under $20! MAC is an upgrade from the drugstore, and I still use it till this day. My go to foundation is Marc Jacobs (liquid & crème), and Laura Mercier.

I hope these amazing make up tips were helpful!


March 14, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

Makeup Tips for a Natural Look – Beautifully Bare

The “natural look” has dominated the fashion industry during the past year from catwalks in New York to Paris. This beauty statement which started in Fall 2014 was showcased on many runways, such as DKNY, BCBG and Rebecca Minkoff. It has only become more and more popular for Spring 2015, not only because it is a fresh look for Spring, but as it also encourages women to appreciate their natural beauty and enhance rather than cover up their natural features.Many people think that the “natural makeup look” can only be achieved using large amounts of makeup, but I am here to tell you, THEY ARE WRONG. The natural makeup look can be achieved using minimal makeup with affordable products.


 The base is always most important for any makeup look. Start by applying a light layer of foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundation helps to cover up small blemishes and even out skin tone, achieving a smooth even complexion.

If you’re having a good skin day, and don’t feel like you need as much coverage as a foundation offers, you can always skip the first step and apply concealer on spots where you feel like you need it. You can even use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to help even out skin tone.



Next, apply a light powder to set the foundation. Personally, I have oily skin, so I prefer to use a matte powder, but depending on skin type, you can always use just a regular setting powder. As we are trying to achieve a “no makeup” look, I would also suggest using a colorless powder, as it helps avoid making your makeup look heavy or overdone. You can also skip the powder and just use a setting spray.



After applying a light powder, there are only two steps left: eyes and lips.

For your eyes, we want to keep them looking as natural as possible, so personally I like to only use mascara. Using mascara lengthens my eyelashes and draws attention to my eyes without applying excessive amounts of makeup. If you normally wear false lashes, I would also recommend skipping them, and just applying a light layer of mascara instead.If you feel like you’re not comfortable leaving the house without eyeliner, I would suggest only using a light color liner(light brown instead of black) and only lining your upper water line.


For your lips, there are so many possibilities! A colorless lip gloss, light lipstick (preferably nude) or even a chapstick will help to finish your look.

Also remember, that everyone’s skin tone and skin type is different, so there are always exceptions. If you feel like you need a pop of color, you can use a light layer of bronzer or blush on your cheeks. Always keep in mind we are doing a natural makeup look, so don’t be heavy handed!



By: Sarah Valji



March 11, 2015 — Amar Gandhi