Learn how to get out of those common beauty problems can help you save a lot of money and time. There are a lot of solutions out there that you might be able to Google search but not all of them are prone to work… it can be even more frustrating because you then realized you are still stuck with the problem and wasted even more time. But fear not!!! There are REAL solutions to your common beauty problems that can get your life back on track with no problems.

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It is one thing to jab your eye with the mascara --- so sorry, but cannot help you there, but it is another problem to get mascara on the eyelids. Do you spend half an hour on your eyeshadow then you put mascara on and BAM *shed a tear*. The reason behind this is because mascara break down when it comes into contact with oil on the skin. The solution to this is easy, before putting on your mascara, try creating a matte canvas on your lids with a primer. A top of translucent powder will help you absorb the oil on your face. No more worries on that hard art piece on your eyelids.

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Trouble getting your makeup off before bed? This is a serious problem 101 because sleeping with leftover makeup on your face is a BIG NONO. Not only does this clog up your pores, it is also key to breakout EKKS. And sometimes a cleanser is just not enough *SIGH*. What to do? No need to fret and use 3 makeup cloth, instead try using an oil-based formula makeup remover. Oil-based is better because it breaks up cosmetic better than traditional formulas. And no, a makeup remover shouldn’t be your only makeup routine, you should also use another cleanser along with it. Highly recommend the use of a Foreo Luna or Clarisonic device with it.

Skin condition got you red? That area around the nose is red? We all through this problem! This is a skin condition that a lot others go through too because it triggers a mild inflammation. As dermatologist Dr. Wu suggest, “you have dilated or "broken" capillaries, you can consider Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments to shrink the blood vessels”. This can cost up to $500. If you don’t want treatment, try seeking a mattifier and acne medication such as a light gel moisturizer!

Beautyblender taking up all your foundation? The use of sponge blender became the NEW thing a few years ago and everyone loves it. Problem? The bottle of foundation goes down the drain twice as fast as before! Instead of directly putting the foundation on your sponge, try dabbing your sponge into the product. You can put the foundation pumps on your hand. This will allow for less waste and the ability to make sure you have the exact foundation color and the correct amount of coverage. Try pressing the sponge around your face because it will create a more natural finish and more gentle on your skin in comparison to sweeping.

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