When travelling it is important to carry your makeup essentials. Picture going on a vacation and finding out you forgot your favourite bronzer or worse your trusted eyebrow kit. Whoops. You don’t want that happening. To make sure you don’t forget any of your make up essentials while travelling take a look at our Must have essentials in your travel makeup bag.

Foundation & Concealer: This is the base of all your makeup and should be the first you pack in. If you have acne or blemishes you’d want to sweep under the base. Carry both foundation and concealer. If your skin is blemish free or you have a spot or two you can get away with using just a BB cream. 

Translucent Powder: To set your base you need a translucent powder. This would make sure your face doesn’t do all the shining aka it will help control your oil and keep shine at bay.

Eyeliner: Carry waterproof eyeliner to avoid racoon eyes. Carry a liner you trust and love; try not to experiment on your travel.

Mascara: This is bae when it comes to opening your eyes. It helps your lashes go va-vavom. Don’t forget to pop this baby in on your trip.

Eyebrows: Eyebrows shape  the entire face. It is very important to groom them and fill them in; where ever needed. Carry an eyebrow kit that comes with its own tweezers, and brush to save on space! Talking about travelling lite ;)

Favourite Lipsticks:  Carry your favourite lipsticks. Match them with your outfits ahead and only carry the ones that you’ll actually wear. It happens way too often that we tend to carry a zillion of them and end up wearing only one. *sigh

Bronzer/ Blush / Highlight: To save space and make it easy to carry. Pack in a contour kit, which comes with highlight, Bronzer/contour and Blush. Almost all brands make them some of which include Tarte, Makeup Revolution, Nyx...etc.

Travel Brush kit: These babies come at lot handy when you want to fit everything in one travel bag.  Choose good quality ones. Usually they are shorter than your usual brushes. RT brush kits have become a favourite among beauty geeks. 

Blotting sheets: If you have oily/ combination skin. These should make a room in your carry bag; these bad boys help keep the oil in check throughout the day. They are pretty cheap and available almost everywhere.

Other products you can consider:
Makeup Kits, Primer, Setting spray, Eye shadow, Q-tips, Makeup Sponge, Hand Sanitizer, Chap Stick, Makeup Remover,  SPF.. Etc.