The amount of times I have flipped through magazines, celebrity blogs, red carpet pictures, Instagram pics and study how celebrities’ makeup is so on point. Needless to say, I jumped to the conclusion that “a makeup artist” probably did it for them. But like… does Kylie Jenner really have a makeup professional beside her right when she wakes up to do her makeup for that “I just woke up” snapchat? So, I went on a hunt to discovering how to recreate so of the best celebrities’ makeup look – from basics to their everyday makeup routines. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about the different looks you can recreate with your everyday tools.

Let start off with something a bit more basic and classic. Kylie Jenner always has the most perfect everyday look - say thank you for a flawless makeup routine. This look can be recreated by a matte finish base to soften the glow of your skin. Go for a dark brown pencil for a bit of boldness (avoid black because that will be too strong), and also use a lengthening mascara to pop the eyes. For the lips, use a peachy nude matte lipstick that is close to the soft side, but best suit your skin tone. You can also choose to brighten up the look a bit more by applying a hint of highlighter on your cheek bones around the eyes. TIP: if your skin tone isn't too even to begin with, try using a bb cream or cc cream as a base prior to the matte base. (Image:

A few more tips and tricks that will get you that on point look is to zoom in a bit closer. Here are a few things that you can do for a more flawless face.


Getting rid of the "peach fuzz" is a start. Every woman has baby hairs on their face, yes - surprisingly even celebs. Every woman struggle with this, some shave, some don't. I find that shaving will make it grow back quicker and faster, similar with waxing. A trick is to apply your foundation and powder, then take a makeup brush and run in along your entire face in a downward motion. This will help get those baby hair flat against your skin rather than sticking out.

Beautyblender is your new BFF. This patent-pending shape helps with contouring. One thing that a lot of people do wrong is using the blender dry, it is meant to be used damp. When it is damped and used correctly it will allow a flawless application so that your bronzer don't come on too strong. (Image:


How to get your makeup to stay put? It's easy, one trick a lot of celebs use is set your primer with a powder before applying foundation. It isn't your everyday route, but it works. First take your face primer and dust a translucent powder on top. This will lock it in. Keep in mind though, moderate is key, if you add to much powder it will make you foundation cake.

I hope you all learned a few tricks that you can put to goo practice in the near future. If you have any other recommendations that you think celebs use or want to know how they do something, let me know!