Believe it or not, but clearing up your skin at night is one of the most important part of your beauty routine. The importance of clearing up your skin before bed goes a long, long way. When you go to bed with any make-up residue from the day time it clogs your pore, hence your skin can’t breathe at night. This simply than leads to break-out and pimples. I take the time of day to take ensure that not a speak of make-up lingers my skin overnight. I usually undress my face right when I get home from work or school, and of course, sometimes I would forget, so either in the shower or during my bedtime routine.

I have two sets of makeup removing process, a longer one and shorter one. The shorter one is my quick everyday routine, the longer one is for a heavy face of makeup and done once or twice a week. Aside from removing my makeup, my longer routine helps with a long term skin care.

Short Makeup Removing Routine

  • The Original Makeup Eraser is one of the best product I have ever gotten. I believe I got this at a local Sephora a year ago. It is not expensive at all, and comes in many different colours. It saves me so much money compared to using other cleanser or toner to remove my makeup. It is a simple process of wetting the cloth and wiping your face. It takes off foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc. It doesn't stain meaning that it is reusable. You have no idea how much this saves on those makeup remover wipes. I usually do this step twice to ensure that all my makeup is off.


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    • Then I proceed to using a toner, this toner does two purpose. It helps with removing any leftover foundation that might have lingered, and it helps cleanse. I use the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple-Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover, the name of the product kind of really says it all. I mainly use this product to get rid of leftover makeup, rather than the cleansing process.
    • I end my routine with the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner that focus mainly on refreshing and hydrating my face. At this point, my white cotton pad should come out fairly white (no more leftover makeup). This is one of my favourite all time used toner, it really does leave my face feel like I just finished a fresh facial. 
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    Long Makeup Removing Routine

    For my long makeup removing routine, I mainly focus on skin care. I wold add a few of these step into my shorter routine if I had more time or I was less lazy.

    • Clarisonic is a must, above all, I definitely do this once a week. It gives a super great scrub and aid so much with clearing pores. If you use their radiance line it will even help with brightening up the face.
    • A face mask is usually done once a week too. Some people do it every day, but I definitely don’t have time or the money for that. I tend to vary through different masks, I have tried Karuna masks a few times, Fresh rose face mask is one of my favourite – not to mention I was so excited to find out it was this year’s birthday gift from Sephora! Pur-lisse also have a few masks I often use. I tend to not stick to one brand or type. This is because 1. I haven’t found one that show significant change 2. There are so many different ones to try out, and I am all about that! Also, the Face Shop recently opened and I can’t wait to try all of their masks. I have heard Korean masks are amazing!
    • Since my skin isn’t dry I stay away from moisturizer everyday. However, one moisturizer I really like is the Cliniqe Even Better Brightening Moisture Gel Cream. I use this once or twice a week only because it is way to expensive to use everyday, but also if I used lotion everyday my skin would start breaking out from over-oiling. 
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    Some people think my makeup removing routine is too long, or longer that what they do, but I have heard from so many middle-age ladies reminding me that ones’ skin is their best at their 20’s, it is so important to protect it now then to regret it later.