Makeup for Various Face Shapes

Hey everyone, today’s blog post will be more make-up based. For different face shapes, there are ways to apply makeup that defines your assets better. I will be going over some tips and product that will work best for your face shape.


Oval face:

If you have an oval face you are already on the right track! Lucky you! According to New York makeup artist, Jessica Lauren – if you want to make your face appear a little bit shorter and thinner, you can apply foundation [along your jaw] one shade darker than your natural skin colour. Other than that, you should stick with using your normal foundation. As for highlighting the assets and best features, try using a highlighter in the center of your forehead, this is a great way to sharpen it. You can also dab a bit on our chin, temples, and eye bag too. 

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Heart face:

If you have a heart face, meaning that your forehead is wider and your chin is more narrow It is most ideal to draw attention away from the chin and cheekbones. Try using coral makeup for the cheeks. The incarnation of a sheer wash of colurs for the check is perfect. This will bring a gorgeous rosy glow and subtle plumping effect to the heart shaped face. One great product to try out is the Tarte Cheek Stain in glisten. Another way to keep the look subtler is to use nudes. A nude palette will help balance the proportions of the forehead and chin. It will also help with sharpening planes of the face. I suggest using a luminous matte shade that will help with a soft glow. Last thing, instead of a harsh liner like liquid, try something a bit more soft, I really like a gel or pencil linter. The MAC eye pencil is one of my favorite. 

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Round face:

This is when your forehead and lower face are the same width, and prominent cheeks. It is important to use makeup to help add definition to the face. I have a round face and one of my favourite thing to do is create a bronzy look. Bronzer is so important to contour the face. I usually apply bronzer to under my cheekbones along with a bit of highlighter on the top of my cheekbones. According to Vanessa Eckels, Senior Makeup Artist at Hourglass Abbot Kinney, she suggests focusing on the arch of the brow to bring some length to the face, it’s important to have a natural arch of the brow and not overdrawing it.

Square face:

The key to make up for a square face is shade and soften the corners of the face. This includes contouring the corners of the face with a bronzer or darker foundation. It is best when applied on the side of the jaw, blending it upwards and the side of the forehead. For the forehead play with the depth but blending bronzer around the hairline and with a deeper shade to create dimension. Add a bit of colour to the eyes and cheek. Try blending showdown on the eyes but keeping the shapes softer with no sharp edges.


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