I am literally writing this blog post as I wait to get my haircut. For the summer time, I like to chop off a few inches to get into the hot, sunny vibes. Hair is also so much easier to manger when my face isn’t hidden in endless strands of hair. One of my favourite look for summer is the beach waves, and there is something about that hair style that goes so nicely with the summer air. In the past, few years I have found a few hair styling products that help with capture the perfect beach waves. I have also learned that some hair type and length requires a little bit more work toe get the beach waves look. So, in today’s blog post I will be recommending some products, tips and directions on getting beach waves for different types of hair.

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If you have short hair you’re in luck because beach waves is as easy as 1-2-3 for you. That’s what I am kind of aiming for too, like a short but not too short lob bob type of hair, but I always get so scared cutting all my hair, it’s almost like fear of change problem… but anyways for short hair beach waves all you really need is hairspray to hold it in place. Since short hair is a bit more easy to manage, using a flat iron works best. I have heard others using a larger flat iron, but I find that a one inch clamp is the easiest to manage. Make sure your iron isn’t too hot, medium heat is perfect. Start from the scalp and then twist it 180 degrees. One common mistake is turning it 360 (I have too when I first started) but you should be turning the iron towards the back and not forward.

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TIP: start with dry hair with a small amount of products in it. Beach waves is hard to do when you are hair isn’t tame or too dry. I usually pull this look when I haven’t washed my hair for a few days, spray a bit of dry shampoo to make the hair a bit more workable.

For thick hair beach waves can sometimes get tricky too, the key to this is to use stronger products. Last year, I had super thick and almost coarse hair. I had to totally pick up a whole new set products. I also used both mousse and hairspray for a better and longer lasting look. I get a lot of my haircare and even home products from well.ca, they have some really great deals on their site sometimes. I remember using the Herbal Essences Set Me Up Extra Hold Mousse  and the TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray . The TRESemme hairspray is actually on sale right now too! TRESemme is one of my favourite hair product, from their shampoo and conditioner to their hair styling products. I use their Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Hair Spray  too to keep my hair less damaged.

If you hair is especially hitting the super coarse or frizzy phase, give moisturizing cream or a hair oil to help style and even make it healthier in the long-run! The more product you use will also help soften your hair texture as well. I highly recommend (as does everyone else) Moroccan oil, a great pic up at Sephora and totally work it. Although I have never tried it myself because my hair hasn’t gone to that stage, a few of my friends live off of this!

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