There are so many different shades and kind of lipstick. Some people might like their big bright and bold colors versus some other people may want a subtler tone. There are also different preferred shades for different events or venue that is appropriate. For example, it would no be appropriate to wear a bright pink lipstick for someone’s funeral…  that is just a plain simple NO! This is a guide that will tell you how to choose the best for you and for what occasion. Of course, sometimes you might even want to try something new out and that is totally ok! However, it is important to know what is appropriate for certain places and you can even ask you friends to see if they like it!

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Shimmer is an important factor when picking out your lipstick. Too much shimmer is sometimes appropriate, let say a party or a club. However, it should not be worn for a professional event like an interview or a networking event. Even so, if you do, minimal shimmer is best. And sometimes, shimmer might even make the lipstick look too cheap. Instead of using metallic pigmented lipstick try using a cream finish lipstick that will get light reflection form the moisture of the formula. One very popular trend that is going around these days is actually matte lipstick – this means no shimmer at all!

A lot of people think that the right lipstick color depends on your skin color, although that is half true, it is not 100% correct. Why? Because the lipstick color actually depends on your lip's natural color. After all, it is going on your lips - lol! Some people have really light or pale lips, for that try colors like a cherry red or a coral. If the lips are already naturally red, try colors like hot pink or orange - it may sound crazy but it blends in really well! For dark lips, a brick red or burgundy will work great!



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 In the aspect of what events and what lipstick colors is best, it will be based off of your lip tone to identify the right color. In a more general perspective, for a cocktail party a bold fuchsia is perfect because it will help bust out a festive vibe and liveliness! If you are going for a family event, try something like a tinted lip-gloss. This is a more "cute" look rather than too bold, you will look presentable especially in front of conservative parents. For a fashion event, it will a good time to shine with a burst of bright color like orange! Fashion events are usually filled with daring people, so why not shine out! At the office a nude color is best, please do NOT try to experiment with colors here!

There is also this great quiz on YouBeauty where you can answer a few questions to discover the best lip colors and application techniques for you! It is really cool -