Oh, makeup can definitely be deceiving. The “no makeup” makeup look might even sound confusing, but rest assure it’s definitely not a difficult look to achieve. This is a great look for someone who wants an au-natural style or even someone who is simply easing into using makeup.

The trick about the “no makeup” look is about having a fresh face and appears as if you are not wearing any makeup. It begins with a few things, perfecting your face to seems as flawless as possible. By following theses few steps and tips, you will be able to enhance your skin’s tone and texture. This will give a luminous complexion. What I like about the “no makeup” look is that it is perfect for a day wear, and it sets your face up great for a glamor look by adding a few more colours and sparkles. 

Starting off is about a flawless base as mentioned above. To begin, first wash, cleanse, exfoliate your face. Apply a face moisturizing cream, a tinted cream is good too – I recommend the Lait-Crème Concentré. I find that this moisturizer is a great primer that hydrates really well.


The next step for a flawless complexion, is to conceal. Hide all the visible breakout, dark circles under the eye, the new Too Faced Born This Way concealer is amazing. If you remember from my last blog post about GenBeauty, I have been addicted to this product.  It is such a rich pigment concealer, a small few dots easily hide the flaws. I have also heard that the Chanel Long Lasting Concealer is also really good. TIP: also focus on concealing the redness to fully recreate radiance.

 You can then also add liquid foundation, then powder foundation (especially to the oilier part of your face). Remember that finding the perfect shade is very important, after applying if it disappears and completely blends in with your face, it means you have matched the natural skin tone. Take your finger or sponge to dab on the foundation. Go underneath the jaw line to avoid having the “mask” shadow. TIP: if your face is too skinny, pick up an oil-absorbing powder. One cheaper option is the Sephora 8 HR mattifying compact. This compact works very well in comparison Make Up Forever Pro Finish and Urban Decay De-sick mattifying – but the Sephora collection is a bit cheaper.


Bronzer, blush and highlighting is nice. Theses three products work together to create a natural glow. The heavier use of these items the more define your face will be, but keep in mind that the more use of it the more it takes away from the “no-makeup” look. So lightly brush the bronzer along the cheekbone and T-zone area. When picking you blush colour, stay within the warm colour zone – such as peach or neutral pink. This will give a subtler, rosy, and natural flush. Rub the blush with on your ring finger or a sponge, and blend on to cheekbones. Keep in mind, healthy flush not made-up flush.

 The eyes are easy and simple. It is important to keep the lashes long. First, line your upper lash line with black, brown or grey liner. There are definitely types of liner you can use too. Pencil tends to make it more natural, gel and liquid is a bit darker, but easier to blend. After applying, smudge the line with a cotton bud. You can use a soft brown tint to enhance your eyes with a more natural contour, I tend to skip this part of my daily routine. Curl your eyelashes to give a fresh, awake look. A lengthening mascara will help with a simple coat. The Maybelline Great Lash has a great wand for lengthening. 



For the brows, keep them neat, groomed, and fill it in any bare spots.

For the lips, we want to get a soft tint that will last. A tip to applying tint is the concentrate on the center and then blend it out. One great product is the Aveda lip tint from ELF Cosmetic. If you don’t want to do a tint, a sheer nude lip colour would work too.

If you will be playing sports or having a super long day, a setting spray or finishing powder at the end will help too. This is one of my favourite day look when I don’t want to spend too much time on my makeup or I am feeling a bit more down to earth!