No matter how old you are, when it comes to makeup you have to start somewhere! It can take a while to get into the swing of it and it can take a lot of practice - trust me. I started wearing makeup at around 12/13, never anything major and it always looked terrible and I didn't properly get into it until I was around 18 years old. Of course when you're starting out you don't want to spend a ton on products because you're only just getting the hang of it and trying out new things, so here's a few essentials that I believe are key for a beginners makeup kit!

Not everyone gets on with foundation and BB creams, plus if you can get away with not wearing it then why would you?! But no matter how perfect and even your skin is, we're all bound to get blemishes at some point. Whether you've woken up to find Mount Everest has settled on your face or you've just had a bit of a late night and the bags under your eyes are showing it, you're going to need a good concealer. It might take a little bit of time to find a concealer that both matches your skin tone and suits your skin type, but it's definitely an essential that I reach for everyday (I'm a bit of a night owl) and couldn't be without! I use the NYX  Concealer Wand in Porcelain which matches my skin perfectly.

The mistake I always used to make was applying makeup with my hands - gross. Using your hands to apply foundations and concealers is pretty bad for causing breakouts and it's a habit you need to get out of ASAP. I find that sponges are so much easier anyway and they're sold pretty much everywhere nowadays! You can pick them up for next to nothing (unless you want to splash out on branded versions) and all you need to do it dampen it and start applying your makeup!

Eyeshadow palettes 
Eyeshadow is the easiest way to experiment in my opinion. When I was starting out myself, I taught myself how to create different looks using Youtube tutorials and inspiration from Twitter and Instagram. If you're only starting out then you might need a couple of palettes to cover the basics. A neutral palette is always a good idea as you might not necessarily want to dive in head first and go for the boldest colours you can find (but then it's always good to have those too for when you're feeling brave). I started out when the bhCosmetics Neutral Eyes Palette which is full of warm and cool brown tones and the Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette which covers a couple of the bolder colours. I believe these two are a good range to start off with and get experimenting! 

This one probably goes without saying, but you're going to need a good mascara. If you're not one for experimenting too much and want to stick to a natural look, a mascara is your best bet. It makes your eyes stand out that little bit more and finishes off every look. Or if you're wanting to go all out and try some bright eyeshadows and fancy eyeliners, what better way to finish it off that with long volumnous lashes?! You can get some pretty good ones from Essence if you're on a bit of a budget, but I've found that Benefit Rollerlash does the best job for me!

Setting Spray
It's pretty devastating when you spend so long getting ready in the morning, perfecting your look and then by the time you get back home your masterpiece has melted away. A setting spray will help keep your makeup in place throughout the day and they're not too dear either. I use the Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray and it does an amazing job of locking my makeup in and stopping and oil from coming through!