Summer is finally here and it is time to ditch the boring Netflix date nights. This blog post is filled with great date ideas that is way hotter than a typical dinner and movie night out. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the hot weather with these sunny date ideas. Find a summer fling, grab your long-time lover, put on a bikini and a pair of sneakers and get started on your summer bucket list!

Ice Cream for Dessert! Ice cream is the perfect stop for an after-dinner spot. Not an ice cream person? Patio dessert is also a hot spot. Take up the hot weather, and make the most out of it. If you are going right after dinner, chances is it is a prime time. Don't ditch the ice cream line! Why? Because if you are out of a date, that long awkward wait for ice cream is a real ice breaker. And... Even if it does go bad... there is always still ice cream. (image:

Double Bike Date! Biking may not be the most romantic thing ever, but it is an activity that is fun and get you exercising. There are different types of bike dates too, if you just want to stroll check out the double-seater bikes. If you want to explore the City try renting out the city bikes that can be found around town – they have different stops you can park your bikes. Or if you are up for a little adventure, you can rent out a mountain bike and do bike hikes! (Image:



Bike too basic? Go for a boat date! Again there are many different options, a paddleboat or a kayak is great some teambuilding with your significant other. Enjoy the lake and the beautiful weather all at the same time. This is also a way to exercise and work those arms. Enjoy good conversations plus the nature. You can also be a bit more creative and pack a lunch to go along with the ride. For those who are lazy, renting out a motor boat is also another idea - just a bit pricier...  (Image:


Be a Tourist in your own town! Aside from going to a few local attractions with your elementary school teacher because it was a mandatory field trip, how well do you know you own town. Take a day, and pretend to be foreign coming in. Which attraction and destination would you go to? Museums, galleries, amusement parks, etc. might be places you have been with your family previously, but it’s different when you go with a significant other!


Let loose of your creativity! Take a painting class. There are so many different painting class that are created for couples. No experience needed! Partake in these beginner workshop and find your inner artist. These workshops ranges from technique seminars to freestyle session - I have also heard of dual yoga and paint class... not sure that’s something that happens together or… but it exists!


Grab some Berries! It’s economical, yummy, and romantic. Need I say more?


Camping… or should I say Glamping… If you are down for a no electricity type of thing, then by all means. For those who are not, there are definitely many camp grounds with electricity and great outdoor activities. Camping is a great way for teambuilding between couples. Other perks includes: building a campfire which means s’mores, going on a picnic, star gazing, night time hike adventure, relaxing on the beach, bon-fire, and lots lots more! (Image:

Feeling creative?

Try a few of these:

  • Plan the ultimate amazing race in your home town! Gather all your adventurous friends and follow these print outs: - may the best couple win!


  • Turn your kitchen into an ice cream bar! Grab a few pint of ice cream and a whole lot of mixings.



  • Nerf War Date … need I say more?


  • Park date ft. a Frisbee, some balls, or whatever sports equipment you have. Make it a fun, yet competitive day out! Whoever wins, owe the other person ice cream!


Hope everyone enjoy their summer and get some sun! These cute ideas will help get things started! Share your favourite type of summer date!