I recently found out that there are foods that make a great impact on your skin and hair. There are so many different food choices that can help make you look and feel better. I found this to be super fascinating, I mean I already eat so much, so why not make good choices to my skin or hair would benefit from.

I’ve always had blemished skin, and I try so hard to natural gain that flawless look. Luckily, with the help of my Clarisonic, we are one step closer. I also found out that there are a bunch of fruits and other foods that help with clearing the skin. Papaya helps with a flawless complexion. In the past, I’ve used a papaya facial scrub, but I have never thought that eating papaya would help with this. The reason why papaya helps with the skin is because there is vitamin c serum in the fruit, along with exfoliant. To translate, eating papaya can help brighten and tighten your skin. I was so blown away by this once I heard about it, I can’t wait to eat papaya like every day. In addition to that, papaya also contains digestive enzyme, papain which helps reduce redness on the skin by combating inflammation. This is one of the biggest problem I have, red blotches when I wake up sometimes.

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Another fruit that helps with the skin, especially brightening the face is lemon. Lemon juice helps with removing fat-soluble toxin and hormones. A lot of people would recommend starting the day with a cup of lemon water to get all the detoxifying benefit. Lemon mask is something I used to do when I had acne. I mixed one egg white, and one teaspoon of lemon juice. It’s super easy, just gently massage the face mask on the clean face. Let it dry for around 15 minutes then wash off like any other mask. What’s awesome is that you can just leave the rest of the mixture in the fridge to use later. I do recommend to use it within the week or so, because it will go bad. Plus this mask is great for brightening and tightening! 

Two vegetable that is also great are red bell peppers and spinach. Red bell peppers help with creating free radical and will keep your skin younger looking! Spinach is also another great thing to eat, not only does it give you strength, spinach is also another anti-ager. It has a nutrient that helps with preventing wrinkle and removing dead skin. Spinach salad with a drizzle of lemon juice is the perfect meal to amazing skin!

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The overall key to clean skin is water. Drink lots of water! If you feel more dehydrate than usual, try coconut water! Speaking of coconut, check out the richer part of the coconut, coconut kefir. This is made by fermenting coconut water with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria (as gross a it sounds) can help keep skin clear by crowding out pathogenic microbes. So sometimes instead of drinking a cup of lemon water, try drinking a cup of coconut kefir. 


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