Today, we want to talk to you all about this awesome personalized tea company based in the UK, but ships worldwide called Teagime.

Teagime stands for Tea Regime, and they are the only provider of a personalized teatox programme made in the UK. They believe that a one-size-fits-all tea (like green tea) may not meet everyone’s individual needs.

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Teagime’s personalized program of custom blend teas, herbs and other ingredients to ensure every cup of tea optimized for your individual health and energy needs. This is based on the information you provide in your questionnaire. They then craft the perfect teatox for you. Some of the things they can offer through their teas for your body are:

  • Boost Metabolism and Increase Energy Levels
  • Beat Mid-Afternoon Sugar Cravings
  • Tones and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Adds shine to hair

Their tea blends are also fine-tuned to support your personal health throughout all seasons. They focus on herbs that boost the immune system during the flu season and warming herbs are included during the colder months to combat seasonal blues.

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The health benefits of each tea:

The morning tea is packed full of antioxidants, with energy and immunity boosters designed to balance your mood throughout the day. It also helps fight the effects of stress, ageing and pollution. Also helps to keep the skin toned and moisturised but also keeps the hair shiny and healthy. It also helps fight the acne bacteria (these happen over time).                                

The afternoon tea helps beat the mid-afternoon sugar cravings and helps keep energy levels up throughout the day.

The evening tea helps digest the evening meal more efficiently and helps you to unwind after a long day. It also helps your body to have the opportunity for a high quality shut-eye sleep, which is so important, just one night of poor sleep can make you age faster and store more body fat. Good sleep balances hormones, boosts metabolism, immune system and the skin and hairs overall health.

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In addition, with Teagime, there are no unhealthy and painful 'colon-cleansing' effects. They carefully blend their teas to be gentle enough for long-term-use. They believe in using only 100% natural ingredients that means, no flavourings, no laxatives and no nasties. Teagime allows you to focus on being healthy and happy knowing that no unneeded chemicals are being placed in your very own body.

A standard 14 day Teagime supply costs £29.99 or $37 USD. While it may appear more expensive than other detox teas, every Teagime box is carefully blended/designed for every single person needs.