It is that time again – back to school. As much as I want to show my enthusiasm for this month I very much miss summer… and by this I mean I really miss summer. The fact that the sun is still up until 9PM, late night walks, that warm sun kiss, nothing in Fall can top Summer (or maybe pumpkin spice latte can). September is a new school year, regardless if you are heading to your first semester at College or University, or just going back to another year of high school or middle school, it is important to start fresh. Fresh face, fresh haircuts, fresh stationary, and of course a fresh new set of clothes. Lowkey, my favourite part of going back to school is wearing new and cute outfits for the first two weeks (and then I am back to tees and sweatpants).

 In today’s blog post I will be listing out a few must need items to add to your closet. A few pieces are essentials and classic that can easily be styled throughout the year. I will also be mentioning a few pieces that are super trend and in style for this season!

I have to start this blog post with the comfiest piece in the closet and almost most versatile – leggings! This should be a classic and a must in your closet. There are also so many ways to wear leggings, a few top of off my head includes wearing them with a button down shirt along with a pair of boots, comfy scarf – perfect Fall outfit. There are also ways to spice things up by adding a pair of classy leather pair, a casual print, a pop of bold colour, a blend of denim, a bit of shimmer and sparkle, a printed athletic, or even a pair of sporty solid from Lululemon. A person thought: I always try to avoid wearing crop tops with leggings, I always try to wear a top that covers my butt or a long cardigan to make up for it. One of my favourite wearing leggings with a shirt that is long enough to look like a dress (but not quite).

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Pick up a pair of sweatpants for all those late night and exam day – you won’t regret it.

Don’t even think about the rule of no sweatpants in public because joggers and comfy is what you will be begging with you are overwhelmed with books. One of my favouirte brand of sweatpants is LazyPants and of course, Roots too.

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It is always good to have a nice business casual outfit in case you have an interview or a more business like event. The most versatile piece to have is a black blazer along with either a pencil skirt or trousers. It is always good to have a pair of black flats too.  

 What are your favourite pieces in your closet? Having a handful of versatile pieces that you can mix and match with is essentials. I always get a range of different style cardigans, t-shirts, tanktops to match with too. These are perfect pieces to pair with a leggings or sweatpants. A few other pieces to pick up for fall is a jean jacket and a leather jacket. These two make a great outerwear for chilly weather!