It is finally Fall! The first thing that I am reminded of is back to school, the second thing that reminds me of is pumpkin spice latte – which is now back at your local Starbucks if you haven’t already heard. Although I am all about season changes although this summer  was such a disappointment. I love hot weather and the highest we got was only around 30 degrees Celsius. One of the biggest things about weather change is adaptation. Lucky for me and my weak immune system, I almost always get a cold. So, two weeks ago, when I was sneezing and wheezing and still had to go to work, I covered up well to the point that my co-workers even said how I don’t even look sick.


There are tips and tricks that the power of makeup can help cover up a cold. One of the biggest thing is to keep your face bright. When you are sick, often times your face is often pink, or even a red. If you have a running nose and often irritating it, your nose will also be fairly red compared to the rest of your face. By using color corrector, you can get rid of the red nose. The brightness can also get rid of the bags under the eye. The brightener and color corrector will also help with lighting puffiness. I tend to find my face get rounder when I am going through a cold. At the same time you do want a bit of color so you look healthy! A little bronze on the face will do the trick! A light touch of shimmer on the nose and cheeks will give you a faint healthy glow. Nothing too dramatic and more of a natural look


Another tip is to use waterproof mascara. I am usually not one to use waterproof mascara on a regular basis. I know a few of my friends only use waterproof. Better Than Sex by Too Faced is one my all-time go to mascara. I bought the water proof one once and didn’t find the formula as consistent than the regular one. However, colds often make my eyes watery, especially when I am sneezing. So, with waterproof mascara, it avoids any black smudges or drippy black eyes! Another tip, sure you do your eyes! Now, I am not saying like full on smoky eye effect, but a lash curler and a light coat of mascara goes a long way! It is the easiest way to awaken tired eye. When your lashes are more full it will give you bigger and brighter eyes!


Often times, especially, during the colder months, my lips get so dry and flaky. The weather is already dry, on top of a stuffy nose. My lips begin to crack, To avoid chapped lips the best way is to keep it dehydrated. Although not so much of a beauty trick, more of a skin care one! A lip night mask really helps with re-balancing the moisture level of the lips. One of my favorite is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask! Surprisingly enough,  drinking a lot of water is also a great way to keep you away from dryness!