There is nothing worst then spending a bunch of time on your makeup only for it to wear off an hour later. Here are some tips on keeping your makeup on as long as possible.


  1. Primer! Primer makes all the difference in keeping your make up lasting for long periods of time! It also makes so much difference in your makeup so look for the perfect primer for you!


  1. Makeup Setting Spray. The perfect ending to your makeup session is a light spritz of your setting spray! You can find a setting spray with almost EVERY BRAND now, so whatever your favorite makeup brand is see if they have one.




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  1. Use a powder foundation to set your face. Powder foundation tends to set better and helps lasts longer

  2. Using concealer first can help your makeup last longer! This is actually a good thing to do because it helps you use less foundation this way!


  1. Don’t you hate when your eyeshadow practically melts away? Using concealer/primer first before applying eyeshadow can also help it lasts throughout the day!


  1. I don’t know if you know this but,Primer can be used on your lips before applying lipstick to give it an amazing long lasting finish!


  1. Using a tinted moisturizer before applying your makeup is also a great way to go!


  1. Exfoliate! Exfoliating your skin is so important especially for makeup users. Getting rid of the dead skin will help your makeup set better on your skin and last longer!


  1. Choose the right makeup! The most important thing is picking out makeup that suits your skin type. With the right makeup you shouldn’t have much issues with your products lasting!


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