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12 Patterns That Instantly Transform Your Simple Look into Something Special

12 Patterns That Instantly Transform Your Simple Look into Something Special

Wearing prints and patterns often bring out a simple outfit to a more extravagant look, and certainly less boring. Every season brings new trends, and now that the spring and summer 2016 Fashion Week runway shows done, we have reported some gorgeous spring/ summer 2016 print trends.

However, there arethere are rules to mixing prints. The easiest way to begin mixing prints is to simply replace your solid colored top with a monochromatic patter in the same color.To step it up a bit, instead of replacing solid color for solid prints, you can try mixing two prints with one unifying color. Also, for an even more mastered look, try adding another pattern on top of the two- triple pattern. The easiest way to add a third pattern is by adding a monochromatic or neutral pattern. Also, don't forget to mix up print sizes.

12 It is spring, so it is all about blooms and buds–Floral. This is such a cute look of using two patters; definitely aperfect mixing of patterns! Floral blazer, striped blouse and blue pants.


11 Strips is a classic. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to choose patterns that complement each other. Stripes and floral always mesh well, as do leopard and stripes or polka dots. Check out these run way highlights.

10Traditionalist at heart is the plaid, which was used primarily for domestic textiles before it became popular.

9Tie-dye is also a great unique nature of the print; its flashy tie-dye print gives an eye-catching style.

 A few styles right out of thespring and summer 2016 Fashion Week runway show:

8 The gingham patternsare getting bolder for 2016. It was seen on Marc Jacobs’floral print dresses and Victoria Beckham's new necklines for her dresses.There is a bit more accenting to it now, a bit more color and a touch more creativity.


7The animal print is also very intriguing for 2016, instead of the classic animal print patterns, clear animal face prints were featured. Last year we were all obsessed with simply being the print of the hide. In London, MM6 brought in a horse with certain wing-style additions –it is definitely something to get into, but I am starting to dig it!

6Speaking of animal prints, the  Gucci’s collection this year that features all types of interesting snake prints appearing on mannish suits and skirts and tops, offset by the pineapples on the wide tailed ties. Check it all out:


5Illusion to the eye prints; Asfashionista, Tamar Najarian said, "The contrasting black and white swirls at J.W. Anderson are rather intriguing against the sea blue zigzags appearing down the middle of the mini skirt, while Daks brings in black and white mirrored prints for even more confusion to your focus." This is pattern may look simple, but I would avoid wearing overlapping patterns with it.

4 I have to cover this one, classic animal prints. Fun fact: Animal prints started when Europeans began colonizing Asia and Africa in the 18th century, they brought home the skins of the leopards, tigers, and zebras that they found there.And they keep coming back because these prints are like neutrals—they’re made up of brown, beige, and black. Plus, it is season-less.

3Abstract is always a classy look. Similarly with tie-dye, it is a unique look that’s hard to replicate. Check out these for inspiration! You can also take abstract to a simple approach or a more complex look.


2Geometric prints is something you can never avoid. The sharp lines and intersections of geometric prints gives the outfit a classic and balance look.;

1Ending off with my favourite: paisley! Paisley asserts a feeling of movement, helping to unleash your inner passion for journey and discovering the wonders of life–it is such a wander lusting pattern, I simple love it! It is also said that, the love of the unknown means you also like a good dose of mystery woven into things.



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