Getting prepped for St. Patrick's Day is a huge tradition in most cultures, especially the Irish! However, with the unseen circumstances of COVID-19, this is now the second St. Patrick's Day we have to enjoy without visiting our friends & loved ones. With that in mind, there is still time to prepare for and enjoy your own at-home St. Patrick's Day! While your prepping the food, the beer, the snacks, and whatever else you like, you remember that you need to look stunning for the occasion. The first thought that pops into your head... makeup! While you're rushing around getting prepped for the festivities, I offer you the opportunity to spruce up your makeup game and truly get yourself set for an eventful night! These five makeup products are ideal for any female out there looking for a way to have fun and join in on the festivities! When the top of the mornin' arrives on the day of St. Patrick, you'll be excited, prepared, and ready-to-go! 


1. Mean Green 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set

To crack the top of this list we have a heavy-hitter amongst St. Patrick's day fans, our wonderful Mean Green 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set! This exceptional brush set holds the perfect tones of green to get you amped up for the day ahead of you! The beautiful green bristles are sure to add an elegant touch to your makeup routine and have you looking fantastic! On top of that, you will receive a tremendous green travel case to carry your makeup with you! It fits in with the tradition greatly and allows you to update your makeup whenever you please! At the low price of just $20.00, you are getting a steal of a price considering the product at hand. Made with the utmost quality & care, while simultaneously saving you a great deal of money, this is the deal of the century!


2. 10 Piece Pure Leaf Brush Set

This extravagant, unique-looking brush set is filled with festive cheer! The elegant leaf-inspired handle literally takes the shape of a leaf and all it's edges. The sleek and trendy style of this brush is enough to have you looking more stylish than ever this St. Patrick's Day! The gorgeous notes of green on both the handle and the bristles make for a luxurious vibe and feel when utilizing these brushes. Add a new design to your makeup arsenal and instantly notice it's ability to stand out superbly! Once you grab yourself this amazing set, not only will your St. Patrick's Day Makeup look fantastic, but you will also have durable brushes that will last you far past this celtic holiday! Show off your unique personality and talent with this excellent brush set! 


3. 7 Piece White and Green Brush Set

Maybe you aren't looking for a vibrant green makeup essential, you could be in the market for something more quaint. Well, My Makeup Brush Set has got you covered! Our brand new 7 Piece White and Green Brush Set is the perfect makeup essential for those looking for more quaint and subtle makeup brushes. The amazing combination of white with notes of green make this a brush set like no other! Along with the 7 makeup brushes is a travel case that holds every item within this set! At an unbeatable price of $10.00, you are truly getting a steal of a deal with this impeccable brush set! This is a great item to help spruce up your St. Patrick's Day get-up and make your glow stand out amongst the crowd! Add this modern and tranquil kit to your makeup arsenal and fall in love instantly! 


4. Makeup To-Go Organizer

Switching it up a bit, we have a go-to pouch with extreme portability that is perfect to take to your St. Patrick's function! The lovely Makeup To-Go Organizer has multiple compartments to hold all your makeup essentials in one place! Carry your excellent green makeup products in this organizer and locate them with great ease! With a great price of $12.00 carry all of your makeup essentials with you on your St. Patrick's Day! Even better, this pouch comes in Green, allowing you to further show off your festive side! This incredibly useful and accommodative product is sure to help anyone who buys it! Once you grab this kit, you'll never worry about makeup again!


5. Blossoming Lip Balms

The final product on this list is a crucial one for almost every girl out there. Our innovative and trendy Blossoming Lip Balms are the perfect way to artistically beautify your lips and will have your peers asking you where you found it! For a St. Patrick's Day celebration, we recommend the Green variant of this product to not only look phenomenal but also add to your festive look! These elegant moisturizing lip balms are sure to keep your lips feeling luscious and plump! Watch in amazement as your lip balm becomes the highlight of your festive outfit and soon becomes your go to lip product! Accentuate your natural lip and give off a natural extravagant look! 


Overall these five products are perfect for this years St. Patrick's Day celebration wherever you are! Although we can't be with our loved ones at this time at least we can all still spread the festive cheer individually! By adding just one of these items to your makeup repertoire you will instantly see the true potential these items have in your hand! Cheers to all, and a special shoutout to those who have updated their makeup routine with one of these tremendous products! 


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