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Spring Date Ideas ON A BUDGET

Once the weather gets warmer, it is perfect dating season. I remember a few months ago, I would rather choose to stay in bed with Netflix than go out and explore to city. However, I am all game note, the more I go out, the faster my wallet drains. There’s that nice balance between how much shopping money I have and how much entertainment/food money can be allotted; it is all about budgeting! I would just like to slide in a throwback to when I first started dating my boyfriend and how he paid for everything, but that totally after we hit our one year mark.


So, in today’s blog post, I will be talking about some great date ideas that you and your significant other or even a bestie, can do during the next few months, while saving you bills. Some may be a bit costlier than others, but it’s here because it is probably totally worth it.

This one is on my to-do list within the next few months, it has actually been on my list since last summer but we never got around to doing it. A lot of parks have bike rentals that can be rented out by hour, at affordable rates. If you are a local from Toronto, Centre Island is very famous for that, and you can bike along the lake shore. If you head on to Google, and search you bike rentals nearby, you are likely to find a great place. This is a more adventurous, sporty type of activity, but if you find an eye-catching scenic trail ride and add a picnic basket, it can very well be super romantic!

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Now that school is over, take advantage of local museums’ discounted tickets during weekdays. Often times, art galleries, museums, heritage momentums or local attractions have discounted or free admission to their venues during particular evenings and/or particular days. A trip to these can bring a lot of culture, and even if you don’t really dig the whole culture thing, you would be surprise what you find. Super lowkey, I love going to art gallery because they make great insta-pictures ;) 

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Want romantic? Draw up a spa at the comfort of your own home. Pick up a lush bath bomb, light a few candles, bubble bath, massage, face mask, bottle of champagne, even chocolate dipped strawberries, the sky is your limit – great creative!


One of our favorite go-to is arcades. We usually go to Playdium or Dave and Busters, these are the classic play games, get those mini tickets, and then redeem prizes. Let’s be honest, we end up stuffing our prize somewhere in the corner of our room after redeeming it. I swear I have a whole cupboard full of them, but we have so much fun during the whole process. We also have this thing going, where however gets more tickets gets treated a dessert place of their choice! It always get the competition rolling! 

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