This Mother’s Day we will be sharing all our tips and tricks that we believe will help elevate your makeup routine to perfection. This blog post is targeted towards all the busy mothers out there that are too busy with their hectic schedules to make time for a little bit of self care. We all know that not everyone has the time nor the facilities to have a luxurious spa day every weekend, and we do not expect you to either! Self care comes in all different forms and is deeply reflected upon the condition of one’s skin that is the single most largest cell in our body. So naturally, it is incredibly important that we take care of our skin. Today we will be discussing the many ways that you guys, especially our busy moms can help their skins to glow.  

Below are some of the many things we can do to help ensure a flawless skincare routine 

Health Should be a Priority 
First of all, to start taking care of your skin, one has to start this journey internally. It is very easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive products and then still not see results because topical care can only take you so far. Health should be the #1 priority for all individuals out there, especially your mothers.  We all know how hard working you all are and how you think that it is your responsibility to take care of everyone. But it is now time to put ourselves first and start taking care of our own selves. By eating good food such as fruits and veggies and drinking lots and lots of water, you will get one step closer to the glass skin that we all hope to achieve.  
Beauty Tools 
After understanding that beauty begins from one's internal journey, we can then move on to the physical ways to help make taking care of our skin easy.  My Brush Set, offers many different products that help ensure that our skin is benign, maintained and protected.  Items such as the Jade Face Roller and the Jade Gua Sha Tool, are two of most popular beauty tools that are used to massage one’s face to help blood circulation, reduce inflammation and overall help your skin breathe and heal.  This Mother’s Day, why not head over to our website and try some of these products out for yourself, you will see a difference immediately! Other than beauty tools, we also encourage you to do facemask occasionally, doesn't matter if it is homemade or store bought. The main idea is that you take the time to take care of your skin, even little things such as washing your face twice a day goes a long way! 
Sunscreen IS Vital! 
Lastly, it is incredibly important to understand that prevention is way easier than treatment.  Everyone needs to start taking care of themselves before the damage is done then it will be even harder to reverse it.  Yes, I am talking about sun damage!  Many tend to overlook the benefits of sunscreen and especially with the pandemic forcing all of us to stay indoors, many tend to think that they don’t even need to wear sunscreen. However, that is not true at all.  No matter how cloudy it might be outside or even if you are spending the entire day indoors, it is incredibly important to finish off our skin care routine with some sunscreen, because the sun’s UV rays will always reach us and cause massive amount of negative impacts such as increased wrinkles and dryness and even skin cancer in extreme cases.  
This brings us to the end of this blog post, this was just scratching the surface, but I hope you all learned something and feel inspired to do all that we can do to feel beautiful, on the inside and outside. There is so much more we can all do to help achieve the ultimate skin care routine! Make this Mother’s Day memorable by heading over to our website and placing an order now and check out the wide selection of beauty tools on our website!
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