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Favorite Beauty Gurus On Twitter

There are so many makeup gurus around! They provide great makeup tips, makeup product reviews, some even talks about other things like their lifestyle, health. DIY and much more! There are some really great YouTube, Instagram, even Facebook makeup gurus. One other platforms that a lot of great makeup gurus are on is Twitter!

It is so great to follow these gurus on Twitter because often times you are following some live feed from front row fashion week, beauty shows, and great editors thoughts! A few of the makeup twitter gurus you should be following :D

@theglamourai is a new York city based multimedia creative director and her tweets will give you a firsthand look at behind the scene photo shoots, inspiring photos and lots and lots of great styles! She is a stylist and also a blogger that shares fun and interesting links to fashion and different stories. Her account is a prime go to for some fun news!

@beautyblitz is a beauty editor for Polly Blitzer, and they have a great line of lip gloss! There is a whole team behind the account and they are always twitter things about gloss, makeup and even style! There is a great segment of frequently asked beauty questions and they reply to all their twitter questions which is so great!!!

Image Courtesy of Beauty Blitz | via 

Two makeup beauty guru had a great deal of drama (interesting drama) that is on Twitter recently this year. @Jeffreestar and @thekatvond. Two of the biggest makeup brands and artist with amazing products! It all started with Kat sharing a picture of Jeffree with a big cross sign across his face, along with a post on her disassociating herself from him. Regardless, of the drama, both of these accounts are filled with some extravagant. With no doubt, both of them are fabulous makeup artists!

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If you are into hairstylists, Guido Palau will blow you away! He is knowns as the world most in demand hair stylist. His twitter feed is @guidopalau, although he is not as active as he was before, scrolling through his past tweets is such a pleasure. His feed always give great inspiration and motivation to try something new. There are some great and unique styles to check out.

One last great beauty guru is the former Hills star, the super great Lauren Conrad!! She works with celebrity hairstylist, such as Krisitin Ess and makeup artist, Amy Nadine, with really funy and easy to follow beauty tips! This is the trick to NTV ready at your very own home!!! Check out @TBDofficial


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