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How To Contour Like The Professionals

Your complete guide to contour and highlight:

Contouring has taken the beauty world by storm. It is not a new phenomenon but thanks to Kim K; it has become the muse of every beauty enthusiast. There are new waves in the sea of contouring, the Clown Contour, Henna Contour, Hater Contour... etc. But this post is not about them, it’s your easy guide to Contour and Highlight.

You Will Need:

  • Light Foundation [Two Shades Lighter]
  • Dark Foundation. [Two shades Darker]


  • A Contour Palette of our choice.
  • Setting Powder.

Note: Make sure you use a shade that’s two shades lighter for the highlight and two shades darker for the contour. For contouring use a non shimmery bronzer. Make sure it is not orange and has grey/ brown undertones.

How To:


Start with a good base of a foundation that matches your skin tone. Once your base makeup is set move on to contouring.

  • Contour around the hairline to warm the face and shorten the forehead.
  • Contour one inch above the temple to add depth to the face.
  • Contour under the jaw line to add definition and slim the face.
  • Contour the underside of the cheekbone to strengthen your bone structure.
  • Use the dark shade contour on each side of the nose to make it look more slim and defined.
  • To shorten the length of your nose contour the tip in a V shape.

For the highlight:

  • Apply the highlighter underneath your eyes in a V shape. (Like shown in the picture.) Also high point of the cheekbone to define the cheeks.
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose.
  • Highlight under the eyebrow arch to lift the brow and brighten the eyes.
  • Highlight in the middle of the forehead to highlight the centre of your forehead.

Last and the most important step, Set it with a translucent powder.  And you’re all contoured to rock the world.

Image Source: GlamBoothTV

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