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10 Common Lipstick Mistakes


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 Lipstick is probably one of my favorite things about makeup. If my makeup is "ok" I can always count on making sure my lips look amazing! Whether it's picking a color that will pop out my outfit or take a simple look to the next level a nice lip will do that for you. So I wanted to get into the top 10 common mistakes people make.


Mistake number one: That you can just put lipstick on and go. This is a NO NO! Lipstick should be put on with a bit of a process to ensure that it looks good. It's not just about smearing lipstick on your face and going.


Mistake number two: You don't need to exfoliate your lips. This is somewhat true you don't need to exfoliate IF your lips are smooth. Also exfoliating doesn't have to mean making a sugar lip scrub you can just get a piece of wet tissue paper and wipe your lip making sure no dead skin is there.  


Mistake three: That women can only wear certain shades depending on their complexion. Now this is false, I don't think women should think they are only stuck to wearing two shade of pink because they are a certain complexion. Take a risk and try a shade that you wouldn't normally you might be pleasantly surprised.


Mistake four: Thinking all lipsticks are made equal. They are NOT! You have to find the brand that works best for you.


Mistake Five: If you don't like matte thinking the matte lipsticks you have are a waste. Actually a quick and easy tip is to add a gloss to your matte lipstick to gain that moisture. 




Mistake six: Thinking all drugstore lipsticks are not equal to high end. Lines like Maybeline and Cover Girl have some of the best lipstick brands out! Maybeline is actually my favorite lipstick brand. They are highly pigmented and creamy!


Mistake seven: Thinking you can't get great lipstick for cheap. Wet and Wild has some GREAT lipsticks that I rack up on for only $1-$2 on the east coast (U.S.). Check them out at your local drugstore or even your local dollar store.


Mistake eight: Not taking off lipstick properly. Have you ever taken of your makeup at night and still have seen some lipstick residue on your lips in the morning? Make sure you properly take ALL of your lipstick off.



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Mistake 9: Not trying out more brands. Yes I know MAC is amazing but so are so many other brands. Don't get caught up in the hype thinking you can only use ONE brand mix it up!


Mistake 10: Not using lip liner! I know some people think lip liner is so 90's but it really does make the lip look so much better. It helps shape your lips how you want as well.





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