My nails are one of my obsessions. Whether treating myself to a salon manicure, or doing them myself with funky and cool colors, my nails are one of my top priorities. As a woman, are nails are an important factor, more so an accessory and we need to make sure they are always on point. So check out a few tips we have in order to keep tht fresh manicure looking tip top always!


Moisturize your nail beds and cuticles

Just like with the heels of your feet your cuticles can very easily become hard, brittle, and cracked. To prevent this, always use a moisturizing hand lotion, that contains cocoa butter or shea butter and your nails will look better than ever!


Take biotin supplements

Biotin supplements are most known for promoting a regime of hair growth, but they also help your nails grow healthy and strong as well!  Two supplements a day and you’ll start to see major improvement in the look and feel of your nails, nail bed, and cuticles.

Clean your nails with a nail brush

I usually do this when once a week in the shower. I take a soft bristle brush and soap, and gentle scrub my nails and cuticles. Just like you need to wash your arms, legs, and everything else in between, keeping your nails clean not only looks good but feels good. I even suggest a homemade sugar scrub if you're in the mood for pampering.


Wear dish gloves

As a thriving adult we still have to do chores around the house, which can include washing those dishes. In order to protect your nails, natural or professionally done wear dish gloves. The chemicals in the dish soap and other products you may use on your dishes can not only shorten how long your manicure lasts, but can also affect your nails as well. Not to one wants pruned hands!

Never cut your own cuticles!

This is the easiest way to give yourself unnecessary pain and possible infection. Unless you're a licensed nail tech, cutting your own cuticles is a no no, one wrong snip, and your nail is prone to bacteria.