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The Valentine's Day Manicure You'll Love!

Posted on January 27 2016

It is the end of January, meaning February is right around the corner. And the biggest holiday in February is no other than VALENTINES DAY! For some it’s their favourite holiday, for others it might be a dreadful and corny day. But just think about all the chocolate that goes on sale afterwards. Regardless, one thing that all can do is to spirit it up with some cute valentine’s day nails!

Colours: It is all about the red, pink and bring colours. This season the bolder the better. If you don’t want a too fancy of a design for your nails, try a colour like this: LINK. A classic red nail is great for this time of year! To spice it up a bit, try nail polish with a bit of sparkles and glam; like this:

For something a bit softer…

Try this: start off with painting your nails with a light lavender colour. Let dry. Then using a thin brush, paint heart shapes or lips on it – make sure you use a darker colour, dark purple is a nice choice. To add in a bit more of a glam you could even add a few coat of sparkle top coat or glue on a stone. One of my person design is having a X and a O on the middle two fingers!

For something consistent…

Try this: begin with nude nails, use a thin brush to paint identical heart u shapes on the tips, then let it come to a point in the middle. Then, draw two diagonal lines from the outer edges to the bottom center of your nail to finish the heart. Colour in the rest of your nails. You can use any colours for this design, my favourite is a bright red on the bottom and link pink on top.

For something not too Valentine’s day theme…

Try this: go for girly roses instead of all the hearts. This colour scheme is based on a pastel pink on a black. It will give a nice pop of colour! Begin with painting three small pink blob on your nails – let dry. Then, draw on a few petals with a thin brush, add on some pink swirls – be creative. A good tip is to start from the middle and then go out. Add on a few leaves with a green colour of your choice. Then, grab a toothpick and paint small oval shade lines on each side of the roses and fill it in!


For this month, I got my nails done at a local salon – I wanted something cute and fun. So I asked them to surprise me using a few shades of pinks and a bit of sparkles and this is what I am rocking this month!