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Fun Movember Manicures!

It's that time of the month again...Movember! Never heard of it? Well, it's simply an annual event that takes place in the month of November to raise awareness in men's health issues.  Men also grow out their mustaches and take on physical challenges for various of charities and local organizations to raise funds or to simply be active.


The ladies have joined on this as well, although women we cannot grow out a full face of hair, we can simply be creative. Nail Art has been all the range within the past few years. From blinding blinging nails to the longer the better. Women are showing support for the men in their lives by simply adding some creative art to their freshly manicured nails!


Simply add your favorite color and with a steady hand and the right product, you too can create some amazing and fun nail art to support Movember.

Below are some amazing Fun Movember Manicures!































Day 314: Finely Groomed Nail Art - Buzzfeed (30 days of nail art)


By Marine LP

(all pictures are from Pinterest via


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