This spring, there’s a nail trend for everybody – whether you’re looking for a simple, fast and easy color or a fancier pattern to try. On this year’s runway, there were many nail looks that were featured, from glamorous red on the Zac Posen to metallic foils on Kenzo. Personally, I’m not extremely talented with harder designs or really anything that exceeds just applying a normal color, so for others like me, this spring, instead of just putting on your usual black polish, change it up and go for white! Now… even though I said I’m not really into designs, a white nail is kind of boring... SO, to switch it up even more, I’ve found a nail trend that is easy (for people like me, who aren’t very nail-savvy) and in style. The white nail with a line of black polish.


This nail look was featured during New York Fashion week on the Kate Spade Runway (see above), and requires nothing more than the simple application of a white nail polish as the base. After applying your white nail polish and waiting until it is completely dry, use a striping brush to apply a straight horizontal line of black polish. If you don’t think you’ll be able to achieve a straight line with your striping brush, you can always use tape or the strips that come with french manicure sets to give you a straight line to follow.As always, be sure to use a base coat before your color application and a top coat after your black line is completely dry.

I hope this nail trend serves you well, leave me a comment below on other nail trends you will be trying out this spring!

By: Sarah Valji