How To Transform Your Daytime Makeup Look for an Evening Out

Learn to transfer your day time look into a fabulous and glam night time look. All it takes is a few simple tools and tricks to get your night rocking. In this article, I will cover easy eyes, lips, face and hair transformations. We also have some bonus tips for spicing up a day time outfit with a few key accessories, transforming it into a glowing night time look.



To begin, the eyes are the key to a “fancy & glam” look versus a “everyday neutral look”. It really depends on how one wears their eye makeup. Some looks call for a bolder casual look, while others just dash on a few nude shade eye shadows for the day. One thing to add on regardless of the look is eyeliner. Emphasizing the top and bottom water line is really important when creating a strong night time look.  Try a bolder winged line for the top line; this will give you more of a sexy and seductive eye. Another time to add to a night time look is eyeshadow. Depending on the event you are attending and the color scheme, blending in a few colors really creates a fancier look.

For the lips, it is all about the red, red and red. Pink works well too, if that is a colour tone you like better. For the day time look, stick with more of a nude shade, sometimes a lip gloss is better than a lipstick. However, for the night time, add more plump to your lips with lip liner and a bold colour lipstick. Tip* for the everyday look, a while ago a small suction cup was the “new thing” that everyone had to make their lips bigger – as people called it the “Kylie Jenner’s lip”. Believe or not, if you purchase one of those suction cups, and use it properly, you could actually create a very luscious set of lips without any lipgloss or lipstick. A coat of chapstick is recommended to create a bit of a shine.
For the face, most would have a soft and well blended face for the day time; this includes concealing and covering any blemishes. Some might even add a bit of finishing powder or a highlight cheek tint. For the evening time, try contouring. Contouring is a key for a slimmer face and a more glowing look. It emphasizes on the cheek bones. Try contouring with a dark shade bronzer to create a more drastic and dramatic, yet flattering look. To do so, suck your cheeks in and follow the line of your cheek bone. Finish the contouring with a light blush or cheek tint to give the face more of a flush and color.



For the night time, outline your lips for a full and neat look. Then fill in, within the line, the colour of your choice. The more red your lipstick, the sexier it is. Some may like a deep red to purple color, some dig the Barbie pink, the color is totally up to you.

Although a small thing, I find that adding a bit of sparkle powder on the body is a very nice touch to the overall look. It is an easy way to bring some glow to yourself overall. If you have time, by all means, adding a dash of bronzer on the neck will also give you that dramatic glow too.

For the hair, try accessorizing. Regardless if it is a piece of jewelry or hair piece, adding a dazzling piece will automatically make the outfit shine. Try a bedazzled headband or a bow clip. Leaving the hair down is also a more fun look rather than having your hair in a bun. For a classier night out, a nice sleek tight bun will also look cute. For a night out or party, leave your hair in nice big waves, spray a coat of hairspray for a nice lasting look. *A tad of perfume or body spray on your hair and body never hurts, try using a more deep floral or light vanilla scent to get the night mood going. Keep the citrus and soft scents for an everyday use.

Bonus tip is to accessories your clothing. As mentioned before, try adding a statement necklace or a statement bracelet, even earrings or rings. The bolder your jewelry is the fancier your outfit is. Think about it, one can dress in all black; black leggings, black tshirt, but have the most beautiful bold necklace, along with matching earrings and a cuff. Instantly her look is “all dolled up for a night out”. Your outfit doesn’t have to be complex, but a few “bam” pieces will definitely get the look out.


December 18, 2015 — Alex Judge

The Hair and Makeup Trends that Defined 2015

Well another twelve months have passed and it's been a year. The year of 2015 was definitely a memorable one, and there were some serious statement beauty and hair trends.

Today I will be going through the top trends from the month of January 2015 to today, December 2015. I will be highlighting a few unforgettable trends that will definitely stay with us for a bit… or a few more months… or maybe some are ancient history already. Regardless, give it a few years and you will watch these trends all come running back.

Hair and makeup is such a large part of the runway, our lives, celebrity inspired, and there is of course so so much to cover. I will be bringing up the few I find more appeal and attractive to me. Feel free to comment or incorporate on any points you fill was a hit this year!



January: Starting the year off with a fresh new hair cut is always a good idea. The whole “new year, new me” is getting old, but a new hair cut never hurts. Back in January of 2015, it was about two things: long waves and ombre. It was all over Pintrest and Tumblr. Everyone wanted this hair style, and it looked so perfect on all the pictures we saw (but it was a bit of a different story in real life). (Image)

February: The month of love; I remember reading in Harper Bazaar about pastel eyeshadow as the “valentine day” look. I dig it! I still go for this look every so often. It’s cute and subtle. I find this simple look very neat with a pleasant buzz. I sometimes like bold colours but often times I find it too messy and the neutral pastel colours gives a silkier and crease resistance look. I really like blending in lavender and soft blue colours. Try blending the colour at the inner corner to open up the eyes, some people tends to use a lighter shade (I find white too dramatic though). (Image)








March: One of the favourite hair trends of the spring was the side braid/fishtail! I LOVE that! I was
 absolutely adorable and cute. Although, it took a certain type of hair to do and skills I really hope it’s a trend that will come around the corner again for this upcoming year! (Image)

April: For someone like me who was in school, April was the month of exams. So it was all about messy buns, but in April Miranda Kerry pulled off this cute high top knot bun which definitely showed off her damn good looking bone structure. Although, this knot bun have been on and off around, I always find it cute and flirty. It's one of those "I am not really trying" everyday look, but let’s be real, we probspend 30 min trying to perfect that messy bun. I read an article by Bazaar saying "Once you’ve set your style, use the pointed end of a rattail comb to tug out a few strands. If they look stringy, rub them between your thumb and forefinger to give them a bit of fuzzy texture." I find this a great trick to create the perfect look!

May: I am not sure when this even started, but I can’t leave this article post with mentioning: CONTOURING! This was a huge one for 2015, I know I stocked up on bronzer and highlighters that will last me at least ten years. Remember seeing these post pop up everywhere!? And then, I would go and try it out, and like I never understood why I could never end up looking like the last picture- like what went wrong? (Image)



June: Crimping is cool again. Remember how I said trends come back. I never liked it, so I didn't really dig this one. But Stella McCartney bought it back with a few crimping details in a smooth low ponytail.

July/August: With all the music concerts going on around the Summer I found a lot of people wore their hair with a center part and a bohemian look. Strands of hair was in a fringe and tassel look, a carefree looking style with tousled textured. But overall, it was fuss-free like the make-up. And don’t forget the few diamond studs underneath your eyes.  (Image)

September: On the runway, I found that a bolder look was in trend for a bit. Even from back in the
summer, Cara Delevingne’s brows were heavy and strong at Saint Laurent’s walk. It was even darken heavier than ever with the graphic eyeliner wings on her lids. The makeup trend was really focused mainly on the eyes. Many of the model's lips, face and hair was kept neutral and simple. (Image

October: I took a stroll downtown back in October and like I could point out at least one of four people with the half bun hair do. I first saw it in the magazine back in September; this was definitely a celebrity inspired hairdo.  I remember seeing and thinking: this is a hairdo only celebrities can pull off – I mean, its messy but not in the kind of way that it’s cute messy. It kind of reminded me of the hippies stage to be honest. But, of course, celebrity inspired trends always ends up on everyone’s head… and like everyone else, I kind of started liking it. (I only tried this out strolling around home, never went out with this).  (Image)

November: The bold deep red lipstick! Definitely a must this Fall and Winter. This was inspired by Dolce and Gabbana, from the Spanish influences in Sicily, it was an utterly romantic theme along with lots of red floral and plump cherry red colors. I thought it was a nice warm winter color to get the season started!

December: Well it’s December now, and the trends are still being created. What do you think December highlight of hair and makeup will be? I don’t know about you, but from what I’ve been seeing, I think the smoky eye with a strong bold wing eyeliner is back this season! As for the hair, lots of celebs are keeping it long and flowy this holiday so far!




December 16, 2015 — Alex Judge

The Winter Eye Shadow Trends We Can't Get Enough Of!

A hot smoky eye is always sexy for the winter time. We have seen this look very often on runway and although it can be a bit dramatic and intimidating it is also gives a very seductive look. This look can be easily created with just black and brown liner. Green eyes look particularly good with a gray and plum smoky eye, while blue eyes pop with gold or copper and brown eyes go great with shades of navy and gray.

The natural is also a very popular look this season. Some people are just not a fan of flashy eye makeup. In the Fall Winter 2015 runways, there were a lot of models that used heavy eye-shadow, pencil and mascara but created a very neutral and "no makeup" look. Try focusing on the lighter tones that won't capture too much attention. Using subtle tones and highlights can really help give a whole new look.

This is one of runways' more dramatic and strong look. Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, created this bold graphic look. He focused on the intense palette of deep autumnal shades - this gorgeous burgundy red. Although a bolder look, this look would look great during a holiday party featuring a black dress. The Dior autumn colours palettes can also be found : (personal favourite: Amber Buit 746) This similar look can also be done with a thick eyeliner.

Even on The Blonde Salad

“In 2015 you can wear the eyeshadow not only over the eyelid but you can play with it geometrically around the eye.”

Try using a variety of hue and forms to give a modern touch. A seen on the Chanel Spring Summer 15 runway, or a monochrome colour as Céline did for its Fall Winter 15 collection. If you want to avoid a clown-look-alike effect our advice is to complete your makeup with a natural foundation and a nude lipstick: let your eyes speak for you!

December 11, 2015 — Alex Judge

10 Celebrity Inspired Make Up Trends to Try for the Holidays

It’s time to get dressed up for family dinners, gift exchange, after work celebrations. You’ve picked out your perfect outfit, found your perfect date, finally tried that coveted up-do you’ve been seeing on Insta, now the question is: What should I do with my face? You scour Instagram for celebrity inspired looks, but there are sooo many. Omg…DILEMMA!!! Well ladies, ever the problem solver, lol I have a simple solution to your problem. I have compiled a list of 10 Must-Try celebrity trends to spice up your look for the holidays.


  1. Adele: Soft and Sexy This simple, yet extremely elegant look from Adele is giving me life lately. She’s so beautiful, but this look can be duplicated very simply and my favorite…cheap.





  1. Mariah Carey: Frosty Nude Lips So of course this is a no brainer, since Ms. Carey just teamed up with MAC for the limited edition, available online only lip shade “All I Want”. A soft, frosty nude that can be anything from cute, flirty, quirky, or sexy. The embodiment of Mariah.





  1. Nicki Minaj Fresh Face Vixen: Talk about make up game elevation!!! Ms. Minaj has done us all a favor by ditching the over the top colorful looks and toning down a bit. She SLAAAYS in just a heavy liner on the lid, a warm bronzy contour and a soft lip. She is EVERYTHING these days!!!!




  1. Kylie Jenner Full Pouty Lips: Ladies, you can never go wrong with a sexy pout. I love how Kylie spins her pout, she keeps it matte, but still soft and full!!



  1. Kendall Jenner Fresh face with red lips: Kylie’s little sister Kendall literally blew my mind in her Estee Lauder commercial. The bold red lips, feathery brows and the soft face otherwise is sooo classic and beautiful. Must try.




  1.  Janelle Monae Classic Beauty: I love how this CoverGirl shines with a vibrant and flawless face!! Love her looks!!!                                                                                                                                



  1. Zendaya Soft, Earthy Glam: Love this warm earthy look on Zendaya! 








  1. Rihanna Dramatic Glam: So, this Gatsby inspired, high drama look is beautiful for those holiday parties. Equipped with smokiness, and glitter it wins on all levels!!!



  1. Tyra Banks Classic Smokey Eye: Tyra rocks theee sexiest smokey eye looks!!!









  1. Marilyn Monroe Sexy Glam: Last but certainly not least, let’s not forgot Hollywood’s original vixen. Her sexy cut crease and dramatic blood red lips are always in style. A definite must try for those holiday date nights.



Ok girls!! You’re all set. Get out there and slay!!! Try any of these looks, for fun or for your night out. Let me know what you thought of the blog. Leave me a note, or follow me on Instagram, DM me there with pix of the looks you’ve tried from the blog at, Tweet to me @lovemakeuplife  or LIKE my FB business page at Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. Love ya!!!


Angie Brand

Queen of the Glammed

December 04, 2015 — Alex Judge

10 Great Gift Ideas for Your Make Up Wish List

 Hey there ladies!!! Welp, it’s officially shopping season!!! In all honesty it’s my least favorite time of year. The grouchy holiday shoppers, screaming kids, long lines, unhappy customer service reps…gosh! The silver lining to all of this are the amazing deals and special products released by our favorite makeup lines sold exclusively during the holiday season. But then the question is, with so many new products, and awesome deals, what do I pick???  In this blog I have been charged with the grueling task of condensing the options into a list of 10. No worries, I bravely accepted this challenge, and weathered the internet storm just for you. So here are my 10 gift ideas for the lovers of makeup, or the makeup lovers that you love.


  1. Ipsy Glam Bag subscription: About a year ago I made the best decision I could have possibly made as a makeup enthusiast. I purchased an Ipsy subscription. It’s only 9.99 a month and you get an adorable little cosmetic bag stuffed with 5 sample size cosmetics. I have gotten Urban Decay, The Balm, Laura Mercier, Glam Glow mud mask, soooo many amazing goodies. It’s so easy to sign up. You have to take a personality quiz and they create your picks based on what you like. Here’s a link to sign you or your loved ones up:

  1. Mink lashes: Face it, every girl deserves a mink. And if you can’t afford a full length or even a quarter length mink, opt for the lashes. Lol. Ladies, trust me. I have been a lash artist for 15+ years. Mink lashes are THEE best option for a strip lash. They’re soft, durable, shiny and long lasting. It is November and I have a couple of pairs that I have had since February and I still wear them. And for the animal lovers, don’t worry they’re 100% cruelty free. These are 100%  mink hairs that are collected without harming animals. My favorite line is Nu Bounsom minks.  They’re a newer line, but they are amazing. I know the owner of the company personally and she works diligently to ensure the best possible quality lash. They just released a new 3d mink line which is to DIE for!!!! Check them out through this link: and when you use my code: queenoftheglammed you get 20% off your entire purchase.

  1.  TWO FACED SELFIE POWDERS: Ladies, join the no filter challenge with these amazing powders. This trio is a cool $36. Brighten, Bronze, or illuminate with these powders. Be sure to #tfNOFILTER when posting your looks.



  1. THE BALM the MANIZER SISTERS PALETTE: This luminizer pallet from The Balm is LIIIFE!!!! It gives a beautifully flawless glow, and a little goes a long way! The trio palette is $28 and contains all 3 of the collections iluminizers. Order here:


  1. MAC Gift Sets: These are an ABSOLUTE must have!!! MAC is such a tease. Lol They only sell these sets during the holiday season, and are often discontinued after the campaign. As of today they are running theirs sets featuring eyeshadow, lippies, pencils and brushes for 25% off!!! Order now before they’re gone!!


  1. ANASTASIA BEVERLYL HILLS BROW KIT: Ladies, this kit is a staple in my make up case. The variety of looks to be achieved is endless, and it has everything you need to create flawless brows!!! It’s a 5 piece set and is only $48.75 which is a steal because some of the pieces individually cost anywhere from $18-$36 a piece.


  1. TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSH SET: Since the fall demands the look of softly flushed cheeks, you cannot go wrong with this amazing blush trio. These blushes are made from all natural ingredients and they apply sooo naturally. This set is valued at $60 but is currently running for $35 for a set of 4 and is available in 2 shades



  1. COLOUR POP COSMETICS LIQUID LIPSTICKS: Liquid lipsticks are all the rage this year. They go on smooth, and highly pigmented and dry matte and seamless. I like the selection from Colour Pop this year.


  1. BRUSHES: Every girl, make up artist or not needs a great set of brushes to give her face a flawless and professional finish. There are so many brushes out there, it can be overwhelming to choose which are the best. If you follow me on this blog, you’ve more than likely read my review of the Bamboo Brush set sold right here at I ABSOLUTELY love this set. It’s so reasonably priced, durable, soft, and has a variety of tools; everything you need for a full face. Order them today:


  1. CONCEALER PALETTES: Concealer is sooo important to a girl’s make up vanity. Covering blemishes, brightening up under eye areas, as well as highlighting the brows. Most palettes come with several concealer shades as well as color correctors. My favorite is the concealer pro palette from MAC which can only be purchased online. They have 4 different shades, and they come with 4 concealers and 2 color correctors for $40.


So that’s my list!!! Happy shopping!!!!!!! I tried to make it easy for you ladies. If I forgot any must haves or you have any must have items, please comment them. LIKE, Share, and repost of FB. Follow me on Instagram: @queenoftheglammed_mua or Tweet to me @lovemakeuplife. Check out my website for booking, events, specials as well as portfolio updates. Don’t forget to order your 100% Mink lashes through me. and use my code: queenoftheglammed for 20% off your entire purchase!!! Thank you all soooo much for reading. Love ya!!


Angie Brand

December 01, 2015 — Alex Judge

5 Fall Make Up Trends To Try Now!

Hey, hey lovelies!!!! It’s me again!! Omg, I miss u all so much. I feel like we haven’t spoken in months. I have been insanely busy with makeup. I just hosted my very first make up event called Model For a Day. We worked with models that were aspiring and established to get them professional model coaching, and help them build their portfolios. They had photo shoots with two different photographers, runway coaching, and of course make up by yours truly. Lol it was a BLAST!!!! I’m already planning a second one, and if the requests keep coming in, I’ll be taking MFAD on the road. Uber exciting!!! Be sure to follow me on Insta for updates and highlights from my events. Follow me: But ok, enough about me lol, back to the topic.


Summer sun had us all glowing and strobing in an attempt to divert attention away from the dramatic harshness of the quickly and overly popular contouring technique. So we shimmered in liquids, powders, dewey finishing sprays, and high shine to achieve the latest trend. With the summer officially over, it’s time to adjust our makeup routine. Here are 5 must-try trends for this season:


  1. Vampy Red Lips: When fall arrives, we usually gravitate towards darker shades of lipstick. A favorite shade of mine is Ruby Woo by MAC, which is a vibrant and universal red. I like to vamp it up by lining it (ombre style) with Nightmoth, another liner by MAC, this combination is pictured below. The model is wearing makeup by me.









Achieve this look:








  1. Rosey cheeks: Think cheeks gently kissed by a brisk winter breeze. Soft, natural with a rosey hue. This look is phasing out the look of harsh contouring and replacing it with a soft, sexier feminine flush of color.












  1. Feathery brows: Ok, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again lol. The days of brow “fleekness” are a thing of the past. This fall, light, soft, feathery brows are in. Sticking closely to the brows natural shape and not creating a harsh shape, or squared inner brow is winning these days.











4. Bold lid liner: This look has always said “high-glam” to me. However, with Nicki M. rockin it daily, it’s becoming easier to swallow as a day time look. I love the idea of a nice dramatic liner for everyday, so that is my 4th must try fall trend. And if wings are an issue, you absolutely must try the Milani Eye tech liner pen. It is LIIIFE!!!!! Omg! I got mine from 

Wal-Mart for 6.99, and I am IN LOVE with it!!!



  1. Warm glow: For those of us who cannot leave the house without some type of shimmer, fall is favoring warm highlighters. These are gold, rose gold, or shimmery peachy colors that highlight but keep the complexion warm. MAC just realeased a new color line of shimmery highlighters that are to die for. Milani also has dupes for the budget shopper.










Thank you so much for reading ladies!!! I hope you enjoy these tips and have a fall that is brimming with beauty and confidence as you rock these trendy looks. Please feel free to comment, and let me know how you liked the article. I really hope you will follow my Insta: If you liked the pix I used today some of them are from my #makeovertakeover2015 MODEL FOR A DAY event. The photographers are available through my website They are Paul Beard (Creative Focus) and Tyler Plaxco. Two amazing photographers from Detroit, MI. If you would like us to bring MFAD to a city near you, visit my site and let us know. Also please check out for 100% mink lashes. Use my code: queenoftheglammed for 20% off. Thanks ladies, love ya!!!


Angie Brand


November 27, 2015 — Alex Judge

10 Irresistible Smoky Eye Looks

I find that eyes are so important because it is the first thing you look at when you meet someone.

Some people are a bit drawn away from the smoky eye look because it’s a bit too dramatic. But that’s definitely not the case. Today I am going to show you a few quick and easy smoky eyes look that are a bit more neutral for an everyday look.

There are a few types of smoky eyes look; some leaned towards the black and sexy versus some looks with more colours and glam.But regardless what colour we lean towards, the smoky look never fails to disappoint a dramatic, incredible and hot look.

Here are my top 10 irresistible smoky eyes looks

10: We are starting number 10 with a sexy sophisticated look. This look is focused on a brown and black blend. The light colour corner highlight brightens the eye for more of a classic smoky eye look. I also find it so important to tight line a smoky eye look, it really help make your eye pop. This look will never go out of style.  (Photo)



9: This style although looks quite similar to number 10 it is a bit less smoky. I really like this look for an everyday wear. This tutorial really emphasize on the bottom water line. Instead of making a clean thing under waterline, it is important to thicken the bottom tight line a bit more to create a smudge look effect. Plus, a fresh coat of bottom lash liner really helps make the eyes pop. (Photo)


8: Taking it a few steps ahead, we have a very dramatic smoky eye look. Sparkles never disappoints– ever. For a night out, I always stay between either a sparkly blue or silver. Something about other colours never really gives me much of a smoky eye effect without looking too overdramatic.  (Photo)


7: This is also one of my favourite smoky eye look for an everyday wear. I found this tutorial on Sephora a few months ago and I have pulled it out at least 30 times for the last few months. This look is based on the Naked Basic by Urban Decay. It starts off with a very neutral colour tone but it gives a gorgeous blend and the thick wing liner makes it a perfect touch. (Photo)


6: This is such a glam look. It a mix of winged smoky eye looks with a bit of sparkly. I find it an irresistiblefor a semi-casual night out. I sometimes I find the waterline rim of liner is a bit too thick for my liking, it takes some time to get adjusted to the thickness around the eye.  (Photo)


5: This one is again a very bold look. But nevertheless, I am kinda in love with it. I don’t know if it is something I can pull off but it is simply stunning. The light gold sparkles featuring the black boldness create such a nice accent on the eye. I also love how this look waterline the bottom liner with a winged out, it’s definitely very unique and outstanding.  (Photo)


4: This blog post can’t be completed without a few colourful smoky eye look. Because let’s be real, once in a while we will get bored of the black and browns. And, we all need a little colour in our lives. This stunning look was found on Instagram by MakeupbyMia (Photo)

3: I am a sucker for blue eyes shadow on a fancy night out. I am in love with this blend. I love how dark the blue is, yet it pops out so nicely. The blend of a dark purple and blue is always a perfect match; you can never go wrong with that. (Photo)


2: I found this look super unique. I have come across similar looks before browsing through magazine runway shows. I came across this tutorial a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to try it. It is a very light smoky eye look, but at the same time the colour is very vibrant. It focuses more on the corner of the eye rather than the eye lid. The turquoise mascara is definitely such a fine though to it. (Photo)


1: Last but not least, here is one of my favourite. Aside from her gorgeous brows and cheekbones this smoky eye look is done exceptionally. Similar to a classic look, I love how the blend is flawlessly put together. It really gives that perfect pop on the eyes. It’s not too thick on the bottom, and it is absolutely sexy and hot! (Photo)


November 17, 2015 — Alex Judge

Top 10 Makeup looks for Blue Eyes.

Hello there my blue-eyed beauties, I have an extra special blog today just for you! While I wasn't blessed with beautiful baby blues, I have always loved to pin and save makeup looks that really compliment those peepers and make them pop! Blue eyes aren't as common as brown and hazel, but so many eye looks make them stand out! Of course, you can use any shadows that you like, but keep in mind that certain colors will really make your eyes seem more vibrant. So, I will be sharing with you 10 of my absolute favorite eye makeup looks that will really compliment your eyes and make you look and feel like a goddess. Details of products as well as links to the photo's and tutorials will be provided below each look . I hope you lovelies enjoy!


  1. Rust and gold smokey eyes

This beautiful look takes the boldness of a rust colored shadow with the

glow of gold and combines them into a smokey look that really gives

your blue eyes a pop to die for. You can add a wing for more of a bold

look, or just apply some straight shot liner for a beautiful look that is not

so drastic.

Products used:

MUS-Eyeprimer tinted

MUG-eyeshadow Country girl

MUG-eyeshadow Drama queen

MUG-eyeshadow corrupt

MUS-Eyepencil black

MUS-Long lash mascara

House of lashes "Siren"

NARS eyeliner stylo carpates



(MUG)- Makeupgeek  (MUS)- Makeupstore

2. Neutral Smokey Eye.

This may be the most simple way to make your jewel eyes pop! We all know of many different types of neutral, natural, or nude palettes and eyeshadow colors. This is a beautiful smokey look with the brown shadow in the outer corner and throughout the crease blended into a cream shade that is applied on the inner corner. Also, a beautifully highlighted brow bone! Look at that glow!!

Products used:

MAC- All That Glitters (inner corner/lid)

MAC- Antiqued ( upper crease/ outer corner)

MAC- Swiss Chocolate (outer corner blended into crease)

MAC- Soft Brown (outer corner blended into crease)

MAC- Carbon (smudged along outer lower lash line/outer corner)

MAC- Shroom (browbone highlight)


  1. Rosey/Neutral Smokey eye.

A very simple everyday go-to look that is sure to turn heads, a light neutral rosey eye. The best part is that this eye can either be played up or played down. Use more dramatic colors, winged liner, and falsies to really make this look stand out!


UBNP - Toasted (Lid)

UDNP - Buck (Crease/Upper Crease)

UDNP - Hustle (Crease/outer corner)

UDNP - Smog (Liner)

UDNP - Creep (Outer Corner V)

UDNP- Virgin (Browbone Highlight/ Inner Corner)

UD - 24/7 eye pencil in Zero and Whiskey

Lash Fusion XL Mascara.

(UDNP) - UrbanDecay Naked Palette (UD) - UrbanDecay


  1. Beautiful Blue and White Smokey Eye.

One of my absolute favorite looks for a blue-eyed bombshell is the white/blue smokey eye. This combo reminds me of a beautiful sea goddess and is sure to keep all eyes (blue or not) on you. This is a gradient look for both the lid and lower lash line. Gasp! I can't control my excitement!!! This is way too gorgeous! You better come with a warning label if you wear this eye, "Warning: May cause broken hearts". </3


Dark Blue Pencil Liner (No Brand Given)

Dark Blue Eye Crayon (No Brand Given)

White Eye Crayon (No Brand Given)

Black Mascara (No Brand Given)

Souce & Tutorial:

5. Turquoise Liner/ Neutral Eye

Looking for a simple and fast eye look for your blues that still make a statement? Slap on some turquoise liner on a golden neutral eye. No need in using 10 different shades of eyeshadow just to get a bold look! Still not enough for you? Add some falsies to the mix to really make it radiant! It's that simple, babes!


No Brands Given

Similar Products:

MUFE  Aqua Eyes Liner - Turquoise 7L

UD 24/7 Glide Liner - Deep End

Any Gold shadow. Suggested from the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Palette

(UD) - UrbanDecay  (MUFE) - MakeUpForEver


  1. Purple Smokey Eye

When people think about colors that actually accentuate their blue eyes, purple isn't usually the first one that comes to mind. In fact, purple is almost a conflicting color, but somehow it works and gives blue eyes a beautiful hue. Here is a totally gorg purple smokey eye for you colorful and daring darlings out there!

Suggested Products:

White Eyeshadow (MAC- Gesso)

Dark Plum Shadow (MAC- FIG. 1)

Light Purple Shadow (MAC- Creme De Violet)

Black Shadow (MAC- Black Tied)


  1. Orange Sunrise Smokey Eyes.

Dang. You ladies can just pull off any color, can't you? Want a beautiful summer look for your blue eyes? Incorporate some orange. This gives your eyes the look of (in my opinion) an ocean against a beautiful tropical sunrise. This look has me ready to slip my bikini on!!

Suggested Products:

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot

MAC- Amber Lights

MAC- Bronze

MAC- Rule

MAC- Coppering


  1. Pink Sunset Smokey Eye.

So, while i'm in this summer/tropical mood and we already did a sunrise look, let's take a look at the sunset! WOW!! Another beautiful look for blue eyes. Unfortunately, these last two looks didn't come with products, so I am looking at my MAC collection and giving you suggested shadows instead that closely dupe these colors! Of course, you can use any dupes of your own.

Suggested Products:

MAC- Amber Lights

MAC- Swish

MAC- Sushi Flower

MAC- Sketch

MAC- Mylar

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot



  1. Frozen Inspired Ice Blue Smokey Eye.

Isn’t this just a gorgeous look up against those beautiful blue eyes? This is a frozen inspired icy look that smokes out into a deep blue. Sexy and Bold!

Suggested Products:

MAC - White Frost

MAC- Electric Eel

MAC- Tilt


MAC- Contrast

MAC- Aquadisiac



  1. Classic Black Smokey Eye.

Last but certainly not least, the classic black smokey eye. This is a look that works for all eye colors, but is ultra sexy on a blue-eyed gal. This beautiful dark smokey look doesn't require loads of shadow shades and is as simple as they come, but packs a bold punch!

Suggested Products:

MAC - Carbon

MAC- Black Tied

MAC- Print

MAC- Diesel

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot




That's a wrap for this blog my princesses. I hope you had as much fun reading as I had typing and learning about all things blue! More to come! Pinky promise!! <3


Amber Crosby


Make Up Wishlist 2015

My favorite thing about Sephora’s online store is the little red heart button that you can click to “love” something. It’s become sort of an addiction for me and sometimes I’ll check my “beauty basket” which is where all the “loves” go and purchase something for myself. These are a few products that I’d LOVE to own. Price points range from expensive to affordable.

1. Kevyn Aucoin, The Contour Book $59

Kevyn Aucoin is the Holy Grail of all things make-up and contouring has become quite the popular trend for 2015. This amazing book really shows the art of contouring, defining and sculpting with make-up. I have all of Kevyn Aucoin’s books and I’d love to own some of his products. Here is a link to an article that contains some timeless beauty advice from Kevyn.

Buy it here.

2. Bite Beauty, Smashed Agave Lip Mask $26

This product is a leave-on lip mask that is infused with a lip stain. It contains lanolin, vanilla extract, natural olive fruit and jojoba oil. The tint on this particular product looks really pretty and I love that it combines lip mask with a wearable tint! Definitely going to be purchasing this product in the future.

Buy it here.

3. Urban Decay, B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray $33

Urban Decay makes some of the best primers and setting sprays! I have tried and love both the De-slick and All Nighter sprays and I highly recommend both of those products. The B6 spray helps to absorb oils, minimize pores and reduce redness. This prep spray has over 10,000 loves on Sephora. I am planning on purchasing this spray in the future.

Buy it here.


4. Make Up For Ever, 12 Flash Color Case $99

The 12 Flash Color Case comes in Neutral (shown above) and Artistic, which contains brighter colors and gold and silver. Any of the colors can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks! The reason I’d love to own this product is simple, customizable versatility. There is so much that can be done with these palettes and I love that I could create my own colors and use them how I’d like too.

Learn more about this product here.

Buy it here.

5. Tarte, Slenderizing Bamboo Contouring Brush $32

I’ve played with this brush at a make-up store and really fell in love with it. It’s super soft and the shape really allows for perfect contouring with powders. Unfortunately, I did not purchase the brush and regret it. I keep reading amazing reviews about it and I’m sure it’d work great with the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book!

Buy it here.


I’ve seen a lot of make-up artists using spray foundations and have always be interested in try them out myself. Dior claims that this product is meant to create an airbrush effect. Out of all the spray foundations I looked into this product had some of the best reviews.

Buy it here.


7. Too Faced, Better Than False Lashes Extreme $35

Too Face just released this kit and it’s basically the Better Than False Lashes reformulated. I actually own the first version of this product and adore it. It has mixed reviews online but I believe that it’s because it is a tricky product to use. Once you learn how to use it however, it’s WONDERFUL! I put this on my list because I’m curious to try the new formula and see how it works in comparison to the old.

Buy it here.

8. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Mix Masters Primary Pack $29


OCC’s Lip Tars are my newest obsession. I own a couple small sets of Lip Tars that include matte and gloss shades. The Lip Tars are highly pigmented little tubes or pure joy. They go on super easy and although the tubes are small, you need very little to get crazy bold lips! The primary pack is really awesome because the colors included can literally make any color you want. Just like the Make Up For Ever Flash Case, it’s customizable versatility. You can also use the Lip Tars as cheek stains. This is a picture I posted on my Instagram of me playing with the glossy Lip Tars that came with the shade Little Black Dress. I used it to create an ombre effect. After playing with the Lip Tars I want them all!

9. NARS, NARSissit Blush, Contour and Lip Palette $59

I’ve always been a huge fan of NARS but they really won me over when they created a line based on my favorite artist, Andy Warhol. All of their make-up applies so well and the packaging on all the products is really exquisite. NARsissist looks like an amazing palette and one you can just throw in your purse for on

the go!

Buy it here.


 10. NARS, NARS Vault $500

There is not much that needs to be said about this lovely vault. I’m completely in love with the packaging and colors in this product. Ten gorgeous shades of lipstick and ten beautiful nail polishes. I can only dream of owning this one day.

Buy it here.


Kinzie Kuchenbecker







February 23, 2015 — Amar Gandhi