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Top 5 Best Concealers To Try! 
By: My Makeup Brush Set Blog


Concealer is one makeup product that is always on me, so it’s super important to me that a concealer is effective. The power of concealer is actually amazing. I can’t even think of anything concealer couldn’t fix. From hiding acne, brightening my eye circles (very much needed once school starts), covering up redness, blemishes, literally anything. I remember the first time I was introduced to concealer and I was so blown away. In today’s blog post we will be talking about a few of favorite concealers that might very well be perfect for you!

There are a few key components to finding a good concealer. The first is how opaque it is. You want a concealer that is opaque enough to camouflage a tattoo or hide whatever it is you got underneath. Another super important factor I look for when I settle of a concealer is the formula used. I have used several concealer where it dries my skin and by the time I put powder or sometimes later in the day, my skin starts flaking. Finding one that keeps your skin hydrated, and leaves a smooth finish is important. Another key point is a concealer that stays put. I find it so annoying when I am trying to cover a huge pimple, but next thing you know the blob of concealer is gone and on another patch of skin. And of course, the shade of your concealer is also super important.

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A go to winter concealer is the NARS radiant creamy concealer. Skin gets so dry in the winter and I find this NARS product super effective in minimal flakes. Although this concealer doesn’t win the award of being most opaque, it’s a bit sheer but the coverage is definitely. I applies on super silky and smoothly. For a concealer, one of the best finish one can find. Another similar find is the Boi-ing hydrating concealer by Benefit. It works fairly well too, just not as great as the NARS one.

One of my all-time favorite overall concealer is the Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer by Too Faced. I first got my first tube when it recently launched at GenBeauty in Toronto. Ever since then I have replaced this tube twice. The magic it has on hiding imperfection is simply amazing. I’ve even encouraged my mom to pick up a tube because any lines or wrinkles, this product will clear it all up. This product is also infused with coconut water to replenish moisture levels, plus alpine rose to brighten and boost radiance. And a few other special ingredients to create a smoother, youthful appearance. This is available in 16 different shades

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If you are looking for heavy coverage, I highly recommend the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer. The HD aspect for all of Makeup Forever line is really good for photos. I tend to apply this before going on camera or I know I will have my picture taken today. I find that it works really well with their HD foundation.

I will admit that I splurge on a concealer once and it was totally worth it. The Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer is nothing like your typical concealer. This concealer is the thickest I have ever seen and thus it is super opaque. This is what I live off of when I am back in school, but for special occasions of course. It is thick enough to cover a tattoo. I also applies really well, and doesn’t settle with any lines.

One of my newer finds is the Glossier stretch concealer. This is my most recently purchased concealer and I am fairly happy with it. I will probably purchase it again because of the price. I keep this with me in my purse for a quick touch up. I also found the “light” shade to match my skin tone very well.  I was surprised considering they only have 5 shades!