Top 6 Pinterest Beauty Hacks

Top 6 Pinterest Beauty Hacks

Pinterest isn’t just a platform for cozy home decor, dreamy wedding ideas, DIY projects or fashion inspiration, there is a huge community of beauty guru posting their tutorial, step-by-step instructions (with photos) on some of the most gorgeous makeup looks. While browsing a holiday makeup looks, we came across some super useful beauty hacks that we can all use in our

#1 DIY eyelash growth serum can be costly especially if it is something you use twice a day. Not to mention, a lot of times, we don’t know what kind of chemical or products is in it. We found this awesome recipe for eyelash growth serum on Pinterest and surprisingly they are typical things you can find either at home or at a local store.

The ingredients you will need is half a teaspoon of vitamin E, half a teaspoon of argan oil, half a tablespoon of almond oil, and one tablespoon of castor oil. If you have an empty sample size clear mascara tube clean it out thoroughly with a qtip. And mix the ingredients in; use a mini funnel or a syringe to keep it less messy. Use the mascara brush it comes with to apply. Use twice a day.

Also, once you get that castor oil, there are endless of things you can use it on. A few includes, softer lips, healthy cuticles, wrinkles, read more about it via this post -

#2 DIY Coffee Face Mask can help increase your blood circulation, which will give you a healthy glow! Coffee may do the magic in waking you up internally, but surprisingly it  can be just as effective with refreshing your face on the outside too. Coffee has an anti-oxidants that function against skin damage and is great with getting rid of eyebags and puffiness.

The ingredient is simple, all you need is one tablespoon of grinded coffee powder and one tablespoon of honey. Mix both ingredient well in a bowl, and spread on to your face. Massage in circular motion and then leave on for twenty minutes. Wash off. You can do this once every 3-4 days or alternate between different masks.

Speaking of masks, another thing we learned on Pinterest is putting different mask on your face for combination skin.

#3 Did you know a hair spray can go a long way in protecting your hair? Instead of spending $40 on a bottle of hair oil, there are natural ingredients found at home that can do the same thing. Try mixing these in a bottle and giving it a spray -

water + spf 25 + rosemary = protection

water + aloe + argan oil + glycerin = defrizz

water + sea salt + coconut oil = texture

#4 A short and simple hack, but a super useful one - ever have mascara dried up and clumped? Run it under hot water for a minute, turning the bottle every 20 seconds to get the bottle going again. The longer you run it under, the more effective it may get.

#5 Exfoliating your chapped lips does not always have to be scrubs, try picking up a disposable mascara wand at your local beauty store (they are usually free!). Exfoliate by rubbing the wand left to right a few times on your lips to get rid of the dead skin. Do it for both your top and bottom lips.

#6 Ever come out of the shower and realized you forgot to shave? Don’t try splashing some water because it will sting, give baby oil a try instead! It will leave your leg soft and smooth without jumping into the shower! Alternatively, if you are in the shower and realize you don’t have shaving cream, conditioner can do the trick as well!

Ice Face Roller

Ice Face Roller

A few weeks ago we tried the jade face roller and fell in love with it. Recently we picked up another handy tool that our face is begging for more. The ice roller is the new jade roller. When we first heard about it, we were a bit skeptical. What do you mean rolling ice on your face? You are probably wondering the same thing, how can ice help my skin? The idea is quite similar to the jade roller, but working at a stronger and more efficient pace.

If you have tried the jade roller before and saw a small change but hoping for more, this is definitely something you should try! If you have never tried the jade roller, but are struggling with large pores, swelling, red or puffy skin, we highly recommend adding this little tool into your skincare regime. Give it a try before heading into a photo shoot or a night out, it can help erase some of those signs of fatigue and redness. We like to use this right before bed or sometimes in the morning for a fresh wake me up. However feel free to fit this into your schedule whenever it works best. You could very well use it while you are watching an episode of Netflix.

Using the tool cannot be easier. Using a light pressure roll the device on bare skin from inside out. You can test this on your hand or arm before doing it to your face. This way you are aware of the temperature. Continue to roll outwards from the nose to jawline and then your forehead for a couple of minutes. We don’t recommend doing this for more than 10 minutes consecutively. If you are seeing change, take a brief break before starting again.

It is a super easy product to set up. One thing is remembering to put the ice application in the freezer for 30 minutes - an hour before using so it’s cold enough. For cleaning, a warm water rinses and wipe is all it takes. There are some makeup gurus who swear by this little tool! It does not take $100 serum to keep your skin glowing, it could be as simple as this $20 gadget.

Aside from being a beauty tool, there are other things the ice roller can help within your daily life!

  1. We are rolling into November now, but remember all those sunburns you suffered from after a beach day. The ice roller is a great add-on to your aloe vera gel! The cold therapy is a way to calm and cool your sunburnt area.
  2. The ice roller can also be used as ice therapy for sore muscle or headaches as well. For the muscles, the rolling movement will work as a tension reliever and massager - similar to a massage roller. The coldness is a common treatment to reduces blood flow to the injured area, it will also numb the sore tissues, acting as a local anesthetic.
  3. Treat your allergies by using the ice roller of the affected area. The cold from the roller can help calm your inflammation and reduce swelling caused by your allergies. We all have those puffy red eyes around Springtime, this although won’t get rid of your allergies completely, but can help with reducing the puffiness.
November 07, 2018 — AN CAN