Hot days are SO dreadful, not only because it is HELLA sweaty and gross but it also tends to ruin your makeup. Sweat + foundation just totally does not go well together and you know it!!! There are ways to prevent that. It is simple if you just follow these tips it will really help make a great difference when you are laying in the sun.

This will also help with less smearing, melting and that gross icky feeling. If you are wearing a light coat of makeup that should be fine, but if you are getting on a heavier makeup look this is important!

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First thing first is to start with a good base since this is your first point of contact once you start sweating. A good base mean oil-free moisturizer, if you are going to be under the sun look out for ones with SPF. Then you can move on to priming the face. Remember that primer goes on after the moisturizer and not before. You may think that primer isn't that important because there's moisturizer as base, but actually primer is super important for the summer. Primer does a lot with lightening the weight of heavy layers and helps with holding the makeup in place.

Going back to the oil-free thing, it is best to avoid any cream like foundation because chances are there is oil in that. Anything that's too glowing or luminous is also dangerous to use. This is because if it's humid outside, it will make you extra shiny AKA extra sweaty looking. It's probably best to ditch the sparkles this time around.

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Instead, try going sheer. this will help lightening your look for under the sun. this includes finding a sheer version of your typical go-to lip and eye color. For the eyes, if you want your shadow to last longer, you should (again) ditch the cream since it will break down the makeup, and instead use layers of powder, with primer underneath. "It will minimize creasing and create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer," says Seattle-based makeup artist Sharona Schweitzer. "Apply your regular pencil or cream liner, then use a small angled brush to press dark shadow over the liner to set it for longer wear."


For the mascara, this should be an easy one, go for waterproof mascara. You can swim without the raccoon eyes. A highly recommend waterproof mascara is by Too Faced Better Than Sex. The tube is in an aqua blue instead of the pink. If you're blonde, another option is consider getting your lashes tinted to skip the whole mascara process too!