Every few years a IT bag comes out, and with a blink of the eye, it becomes iconic. There are a few purses they will never go out of style and is worth splurging on. Personally, it’s browsing through these purses that makes me want to be rich and collect these. Unfortunately, between paying for food and school, I don’t get to splurge as much as I want to. Goal around here is to own each of these by the time I reach 30! These purses go way back too, from Audrey Hepburn carrying the Speedy around and then Grace Kelly toting the Hermes bag, I can’t wait to see what else is new!  For now, in today’s blog post I will be focusing on a few of the iconic ones!

I am going to start this blog post with the most classic and well-known designer – Louis Vuitton. There are just so many classics iconic bags from LV, I could pretty much write a blog post based off them! For now, I will keep this short The Keepall is a great unisex bag and the perfect carry-on, it comes in a few different sizes. In my opinion, this is actually more of a duffle than a purse. Low-key, I will probably never splurge this much on a carry-on, because a smaller purse wll have more chances of being used. In addition, I am so rough with my duffle, so I will stick with my Nike duffle. On the other hand, I am all down for all of these LV purses: the speedy, the noé, the alma, and the neverfull. I mentioned earlier about Audrey and her speedy, which goes back to almost 1930’s. Throughout the years so many other designers have collaborated with the Speedy! My other favourite is the Alma, in fact the next purse I want to buy is the Alma BB which is the small version of the class Alma. It has a cross body strap and it is the cutest thing ever. The neverfull is a great tote-style purse too. 

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Moving on from LV, there are a few other chic classics from Chloe. The beloved Chloe Marcie bag that has been around since 2009. I love how roomy this purse it, even though it isn’t bulky or you can’t really tell from it. Over the years, this purse has been made into a bunch of different sizes and with different leather. The Chloe Drew bag is also so gorgeous and often seen around on blogs. The drew bag looks great casual or dressed up. 

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Another one, that is a must-have is the Chanel flap purse, this is a classic that all Chanel fans have one at some point in their life. The jumbo flap ones are impossible to find in store and boutiques, but I often see it on resale pages. The true motto to these bags is “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” this is said by Miss Coco Chanel herself. This one has been revised throughout the years, and the 2.55 flap bag has recently come out that is inspired by the classic one. I actually really like the 2.55 more because of the modern aspect to it!


Lastly, going to end this blog post off with the Hermes Kelly bag. This bag is so gorgeous and elegant. This is often a favorite amongst celebrities. The Hermes costs over $7000, so unfortunately for now, I don’t think this is going to make it to my list when I hit 30… but maybe one day. 

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