My Make-Up Brush Set
My Make-Up Brush Set
My Make-Up Brush Set
My Make-Up Brush Set

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    10 Piece Bamboo Brush Set 10 Piece Bamboo Brush Set Quick View

    10 Piece Bamboo Brush Set

    $7.50 $79.99

    This sleek, 10 piece brush set is made with all natural & recycled materials, allowing you to create stunning looks while protecting the environment! Each brush comes with soft, fluffy...
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    24 Piece Jet Black Make Up Brush Set with Free Case 24 Piece Jet Black Make Up Brush Set with Free Case Quick View

    24 Piece Jet Black Make Up Brush Set with Free Case

    $14.99 $150.00

    This essential brush set gives you all the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro. My Makeup professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. In-Stock...
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    24 Piece Pink Glory Brush Set with Free Case 24 Piece Pink Glory Brush Set with Free Case Quick View

    24 Piece Pink Glory Brush Set with Free Case

    $14.99 $150.00

    This essential brush set gives you all the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro. The brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. In-Stock and...
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    24 Piece Pink Leopard Brush Set 24 Piece Pink Leopard Brush Set Quick View

    24 Piece Pink Leopard Brush Set

    $29.99 $150.00

    This is the perfect make up brush set to add to your collection! In-Stock and Ships within 24-hours 96% reviewers recommend this product 100% Money Back Guarantee Set Includes: Large Fan-shaped...


  • Long lasting makeup tips

    Posted: Aug 25 2015

    When I think long lasting makeup, 3 products come to mind: primer, setting spray and setting powder. Now for people who have oily skin, like me, these are 3 products we can’t live without. Let’s go a little more in to detail about these products and how to use them. Primer Primer is applied before makeup application and it helps to create a smooth base to start with. By applying a primer before foundation, your makeup has something to stick to, allowing it to last longer. Also, everyone has different skin issues, so if you do have oily skin, primer helps to keep the oil under control before applying your other products. Setting powder Setting powder is applied after foundation. Whether it is a matte setting powder, a clear setting powder or a colored setting powder, it helps to set your makeup. Setting your makeup with a setting powder helps...

  • 10 Homemade Remedies for Sunburn

    Posted: Aug 13 2015

    Summer, summer, summer!!! What a lovely time of year. The sun is shining. School is out. Families are vacationing. Seniors are graduating. Beach days, BBQ’s, swimming, sunbathing, jet skis…LIFE!!! Since we spent the entire year getting our bodies and skin bikini ready, why let it go to waste because of a sunburn??? If you’ve had this unfortunate turn of events wreak havoc on your summer, fear no more. I’m gonna share 10 home remedies with you that will have your skin glowing, and supple in no time. Please note however that if you have an extreme sunburn, or specific skin sensitivities, you should consult a dermatologist before trying any of these remedies.   Baking Soda Baking Soda is such a wonderful product. Its affordable, easy to find and very easy to use. Not to mention the alkaline properties that make it very soothing on sunburns. Try this: Make a paste...

  • Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

    Posted: Aug 06 2015

    Hello my beauties, I’m back with more tips and tricks, and today's tips will be on wearing hair extensions. There are a lot of ways to wear hair extensions for example you can clip them in, glue them in, sew them in, tape them in, and micro-bead them in.                                But…today I’m mainly going to talk about clip in extensions, as they are the go to, quick, do it yourself, and most popular in my opinion.   Sectioning your hair is probably the easiest tip. You’ll section the hair in 3 sections one on each side above the ear, and the big back part is the third section. Start from back lower area of head but leave about 2 and a half inches from the neck.                                                                               This will allow extension to hold to a larger amount of hair other than baby hairs  Tease hair close the root for...

  • Types of Eyeliners and how to use them

    Posted: Jun 16 2015

    Hey everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying this lovely summer weather. In this blog I’m going to cover the 3 basic types of eyeliner, their pros and cons and how to choose the right one for you! Just remember, when in doubt wing it out! Liquid Liners             Liquid liners are perfect for delicate, glossy and contoured lines. Liquid liners are the typical go to for cat eyes and dramatic makeup looks. Liquid liners also include felt tip liners, which can be easier to use.   Pros: Provides well defined lines Can create fuller looking lash line Sharper pigments Cons: Doesn’t blend out Can be very difficult to apply Hard to remove if you make a mistake   How to use it…             When applying liquid liner you need to make sure you have a very steady hand. Apply liquid liner in small strokes close to the inner lash...

  • How to Use Bronzer

    Posted: Jun 11 2015

    Over the past year, contouring and highlighting have become super popular, and with that, bronzer has become a staple in almost every girl’s makeup bag. Using bronzer to contour or even to just add some color to your cheeks helps to make your skin look sunkissed all year long. Here are some great tips for how to apply bronzer. Picking the perfect color Choosing a bronzer color can be tricky, because you never want it to be too dark or too light. In my opinion, two shades darker is always the best, but if you have lighter skin, even one shade would do. If you’re at the drugstore and just have no idea how to pick one, there’s no harm in asking the person at the makeup counter to help you pick one!           Making sure you have the right application brush Bronzer can be applied...